10 Great Things About Being a Kid

January 23rd, 2006 by Yano

1) Kickball
2) Pretending to be asleep in the car and getting carried into the house
3) Bedtime stories
4) Believing in Santa Claus
5) Getting tons of toys at Christmas
6) Thinking you could be anything growing up - an astronaut, a superhero, a princess
7) Wearing a band-aid is cool
8) You can fit in a blow-up pool in your backyard
9) Trick or treating for Halloween
10) Having an imagination with no bounds

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  1. LaLaGirl - Twinfinite Chaos! Says:

    Ten on Tuesday

    Ten Great Things About Being a Kid
    1. Adoring your parents, and believing they’ll protect you from anything.
    2. Pretending.
    3. Meeting your new best friend because you both have the same shirt on.
    4. Having a huge big deal made about your birt…

  2. Laura Says:

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  15. dizzyisland.com Says:

    Ten on Tuesday

    Taken from Ten on Tuesday. 10 Great Things About Being a Kid 1. Playing Giants. 2. Lightsaber fights with rolls if Christmas wrapping paper. 3. Dressing up and dancing in the basement for hours, pretending I was Michael Jackson. 4. Barbies. 5. Going to…

  16. Elena Says:

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  17. Amanda Says:

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