Ten Things You Look for in a Mate

June 20th, 2004 by Yano

This one is posted a little early since I’m making a cross country move over the next couple days…Anyway, this one really needs no introduction…

Ten Things You Look for in a Mate

1) Laughs at my jokes
2) Plays basketball
3) Lets me have my own opinion. Doesn’t try to force his opinion on me.
4) Nice hair
5) Nice ass
6) Good with kids
7) Gets along with my family
8) Has rhythm
9) Can hold an intelligent conversation
10) Is named DAVE!!!

One handed pushups are a plus!

Next Week: Ten Athletes You Admire

18 Responses to “Ten Things You Look for in a Mate”

  1. Blue Says:


  2. Tex Says:

    Mine are up, but… will it get me a date? hahaha As if!!!

  3. Steph Says:

    Mine are up!

  4. charmingdale Says:

    its up! :)

  5. Caz Says:

    Mine are up!

  6. Lea Says:

    Mine are up too!

  7. Simply Lynne Says:


  8. Shannon Says:


  9. Shannon Says:


  10. Elena Says:

    Fun question and have a safe trip!

  11. Marly Says:

    Mine are up… even though it’s already Wednesday here… and I didn’t really answer them. Picking out favorites or specific characteristics is always hard for me.

  12. janet Says:

    Mine are up a day late!!

  13. Kitty Says:

    Oops! Better late than never, right?!?

  14. Luna Says:

    UP!!! And late….

  15. tiffanie Says:

    mine are up. late but up.

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