10 Favorite Current Shows

January 16th, 2006 by Yano

2) My Name is Earl
3) The Book of Daniel
4) The Conan O’Brien Show
5) Surface
6) Grey’s Anatomy
7) Prison Break
8) CSI
9) The Ellen Degeneres Show
10) Dancing with the Stars

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18 Responses to “10 Favorite Current Shows”

  1. Living In Hormoney Says:

    10 Favorite Current Shows

    Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Current Shows 1. Medium 2. Grey’s Anatomy 3. Desparate Housewives 4. Survivor 5. Amazing Race 6. American/Canadian Idol 7. ER 8. Prison Break 9. Anything on TLC 10. Anything on HGTV…

  2. Cassie Says:

    Fun and easy this week, mine are up :)

  3. Stacy Says:

    I’m a total TV addict, so this one was great! Up at my blog :)

  4. Stacie Says:

    I played too..my first time! Stacie

  5. Dyane Says:

    Mine are up :)

  6. Lisa Says:

    1) CSI
    2) The Ellen Degeneres Show
    3) Will and Grace
    4) L-Word
    5) Cold Case
    6) Oprah
    7) Today Show
    8) Sunrise
    I don

  7. Lisa Says:

    Oops, forgot to leave my URL on the post too. :-)


  8. tiffany Says:

    Mine are up - tho I couldn’t limit myself to 10!!

  9. henry Says:

    mines are up.. i used to be a tv junky, but i hardly watch tv these days, so it was hard for me… i can hella name old stuff though :)… hey why not make a list asking about old tv? :)

  10. Kitty Says:

    Mine are up … it was hard to limit it to just ten - but, as you can see (except for #10), there’s a definite theme to my television viewing.

  11. Tiff Says:

    Mine are up!!!

  12. LaLaGirl - Twinfinite Chaos! Says:

    Ten on Tuesday

    Ten Current Favorite Shows
    1. Medium
    2. The Office
    3. My Name is Earl
    4. Scrubs
    5. Las Vegas (I don’t care if it’s cheezy, I LOVE it.)
    6. The Simpsons
    7. Desperate Housewives (even though I haven’t watched it in weeks.)
    8. The War a…

  13. Nicole Says:

    Much fun :-)

  14. Elton Says:

    I’m up!

  15. Erin Says:

    Another Fun Top 10! Mine are up at my journal! Thanks for the questions!

  16. Elena Says:

    I made it!

  17. Denizzy Says:

    A day late, but mine are up!

  18. SAP Says:

    It took me two days, but mine are up.