10 Predictions for 2006

January 3rd, 2006 by Yano

I guess I never made it clear if this was personal predictions or public. Go ahead and interpret it any way you’d like. I’ll make mine a mishmash of the two.

1) I have a baby boy.
2) I finally clean out my closet.
3) Britney gets knocked up by Kevin again, and it doesn’t save their marraige.
4) Kanye West says something to upset a lot of people.
5) Claudine gets married to Dan.
6) Angelina and Brad Pitt get married
7) I successfully lose all my pregnancy weight, and more, making myself a MILF.
8) My fish live to see another year
9) The US finally comes up with a plan to start removing troops from Iraq
10) Bush’s approval rating comes to an all time low

Next week: 10 Favorite Dishes to Eat

10 Responses to “10 Predictions for 2006”

  1. Jana Says:

    Hmmm… let me think.

    1. I’ll be debt free.
    2. I’ll own and know how to fully operate Paint Shop Pro X.
    3. My cat will conquer her fear of the living room.
    4. I’ll complete my 6 month probationary period at work and become a permanent employee.
    5. I’ll learn to knit.
    6. I’ll have learned HTML and started on XML or CSS.
    7. I’ll have read more books than normal.
    8. I’ll learn to bake more things.
    9. I’ll get better in shape and start walking & hiking more often.
    10. I’ll have a better wardrobe by the end of 2005.

  2. Laura Says:

    I did it too! :-)

  3. LaLaGirl - Twinfinite Chaos! Says:

    Ten on Tuesday

    Ten Predictions for 2006
    1 ) One of my children will be potty trained by springtime.
    2 ) Kayley’s dad will get her a new puppy.
    3 ) I will change my blog template. Ha!
    4 ) Paul and I will take an overnight weekend trip somewhere nearby.
    5 ) I&#…

  4. Henry Says:

    mines are up… :)

  5. ERIKA Says:

    posted my predictions.

  6. Magnolia Mom Says:

    Mine are posted:-)

  7. Fat Skinny Girl Says:

    Tuesday Memes

    Tales, TMI, Chooseday, Two and Ten on
    The Year Ahead

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  8. Elton Says:

    I played!

  9. Elena Says:

    I’m hoping at least four come true!

  10. char Says:

    I’m up!