10 Things You Love About Your City

August 22nd, 2005 by Yano

10 things I love about Chicago

1) The downtown area is the cleanest big city downtown I’ve seen
2) We’ve got great food for every kind of food preference
3) Watching games at Wrigley field and the surrounding area
4) Seeing the city and lake from the 95th floor of the John Hancock
5) The water fountain sculptures at Millenium Park that little kids love to play in
6) Great public transportation
7) Four seasons - Winter, one week of spring, Summer, one week of Autumn
8) Friendly, midwestern people
9) Summer neighborhood festivals
10) Bars don’t close early, compared to other cities

There’s a lot more, but I can only list 10!

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  2. L♀fe Byt♥s Says:

    Ten On Tuesday

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  3. allison paskett Says:

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  4. Karl Says:

    … I’m done, yo!

  5. Amy Says:

    This was fun.

  6. Atomic Bombshell Says:

    Yikes! I did mine last week… http://atomicbombshell.com/2005/08/16/pasadena-ca/

  7. Elena Says:

    Missed ya last week!

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  10. Thoughts from an Empty Head Says:

    Ten on Tuesday, er, Wednesday

    It’s late this week, and I wouldn’t have remembered it at all if I hadn’t checked Elena’s blog.

    10 Things You Love About Your City
    (I’m using San Antonio, Texas, since I don’t get out to Austin all that much.)

    It has some good Mexican food. …