10 Best Current Actors/Actresses

August 9th, 2005 by Yano

There are a lot of beautiful actors/actresses out there that provide a lot of eye candy, but who do you think are at the top of their art? Who are the best ones out there?

1) Tom Hanks
2) Julianne Moore
3) Laura Linney
4) Morgan Freeman
5) William H. Macy
6) Cate Blanchett
7) Johnny Depp
8) Kate Winslet
9) Sean Penn
10) Russel Crowe

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14 Responses to “10 Best Current Actors/Actresses”

  1. Thoughts from an Empty Head Says:

    Ten on Tuesday

    Ten Best Current Actors/Actresses

    In alphabetical order:

    Christian Bale

    Monica Bellucci

    Jennifer Connolly

    John Cusack

    Russell Crowe

    Gong Li

    Jet Li

    Al Pacino

    Patrick Stewart

    Kate Winslet

  2. SAP Says:

    Mine are up. mmmmm … Kate Winslet …

  3. noelle Says:

    Mine are up! I thought we had to do 10 of each. Fun topic! And hey, there is some overlap in our lists! Wish I had thought of Sean Penn, he’s amazing.

  4. L♀fe Byt♥s Says:

    Ten on Tuesday: 10 Best Current Actors/Actresses

    Tora SudiroRobert De NiroRobin WilliamsWill SmithMorgan FreemanMeg RyanMichelle PfeifferGeorge ClooneyHarrison FordMichael Douglas002276

  5. Erin Says:

    I’m up, (these were hard…I wasn’t sure if it was just CURRENT, or of all time up intil now?!)

  6. Kitty Says:

    I’m up, but I couldn’t limit mine to just ten, though :-)

  7. Denizzy Says:

    I’m totally freaked out right now. I’ve been procrastinating all morning, trying to think of stuff to put on my blog when I should be working. So I decided to make a list of favorite actor’s and actresses (of all time and current). Then I went to Noelle’s blog and saw her list and my eyeballs popped out of my head. I’m freaked!

    I have to make this my first blog post…it’s fate!

  8. rfduck Says:

    My list has been posted.

  9. noelle Says:

    Denizzy - you are such a freaking tease! Let’s see your list — and your BLOG!!!!!!

  10. onebyone Says:

    I am up. Fun questions.

  11. Elton Says:

    Great idea! I got mine up.

  12. Elena Says:

    I’m ready!

  13. neodeath Says:

    Mines up

  14. Storyteller Says:

    Mine’s up, my list was almost the same as yours