Ten Things That Annoy You About Work

June 20th, 2005 by Yano

1) Traveling
2) Having to account for every hour I work
3) Needing to do ten pounds of documentation and go through mmiles of red tape just to get something done
4) Miscommunication between different organizations within the company.
5) I can’t have a normal life because I travel too much
6) Having to check 3 different places for my schedule - Outlook, our internal web, and emails
7) Not being able to see all of my coworkers, since we all work in different parts of the country
8) Having to answer to 4-5 different bosses
9) Sometimes it feels like everything is about making money from the clients
10) I get sent out to clients without any information, usually ending up as a sacrificial lamb.

Next week: 8 Truths and 2 Lies About You (let your readers guess which are the lies)

6 Responses to “Ten Things That Annoy You About Work”

  1. Elena Says:

    Oh what a timely question!

  2. Henry Says:

    hehehe its a good one.. especially how ive been feeling these days

    mine answers are up :)

  3. Samantha Says:

    Mine are up! I hope everyone has a blessed Summer Solstice!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Mine are up!

  5. The Contessa Says:

    Too easy!

  6. Aurorealis Says:


    I almost laughed when I saw the topic this time. The only challenge will be to somehow encapsulate all the things I detest into ten measley little items. As usual, I’ll give it my best college try… THIS WEEK: THINGS THAT ANNOY YOU ABOUT WORK 10. Hav…