Ten Things You Plan on Doing this Summer

May 24th, 2004 by Yano

Summer is just around the corner, and a lot of you are already feeling the heat! Just like New Year’s, I always have resolutions to do things during the summer, like go on trips, get things done, hang out with certain friends, etc.

Here’s my list…

1) Move from Long Beach to Chicago
2) Find a house
3) Go to the beach one more time in California
4) See an outdoor concert
5) Host a party in my own home
6) Get a new printer
7) Practice my photography skills around Chicago
8) Get a raise
9) Some the summer blockbuster movies
10) Finish doing my site galleries

Next Week: Ten Favorite Drinks

15 Responses to “Ten Things You Plan on Doing this Summer”

  1. It Crossed My Mind Says:

    Ten On Tuesday

    10 Things I Plan on Doing this Summer 01. visit my Mom 02. go to a family reunion 03. find a job 04. spend time with MM & AJ 05. lose some weight 06. go out on TR’s boat…

  2. Blue Says:

    omg! I’m first this week! LOL

  3. bumblebootie Says:

    mine are up! ^_^

  4. marie Says:

    mine are up, too. on the light side.

  5. waterlily Says:

    my answers are up!

  6. Insane Faery Says:

    I’m up!!

  7. Shannon Says:

    mine are up yo!

  8. firefly Says:

    Mine are up! :)

  9. carla Says:

    mine are up!

  10. Quigs Says:

    I posted mine ^_^

  11. chris hanlon Says:

    Hey I am moving from California to Chicago this summer too!! Going next week to find a place to live.

  12. Luna Says:

    I’m up!!

  13. chris Says:


  14. Y e n l y M a * W o r d s Says:

    Summer Plans

    Ten on Tuesday: Ten Things You Plan on Doing this Summer

    a thorough clean sweep of my room
    doing well in my summer classes
    cleaning & backing up data in desktop & laptop
    plan more hiking days
    practice tennis
    practice rollerblading

  15. Gary LaPointe Says:

    I’m trying to figure out a way to get it so entries at http://thedailymeme.com/ can now say (updated recently). Any suggestions?

    If you want in the meantime, feel free to ping your entry whenever you update (I think you can set your “tuesday category to do that automatically)….