Ten Reasons Why Valentines Day is a Stupid Holiday

February 7th, 2005 by Yano

Well, it’s not like I’m against Valentine’s day, because it’s a nice reminder for people to do something nice for a loved one. But shouldn’t we be doing it EVERY day? Anyway, here goes:

1) All the good restaurants are booked way in advance
2) Card getting procrastinators are left with slim pickings at the Hallmark store - probably ending up giving their significant others a Valentine’s card intended for a grandfather. Written in Spanish.
3) Yet another holiday to eat chocolate and get fat.
4) It’s not like we get the day off or anything
5) In gradeschool you had to give Valentines to EVERYONE. Even the mean, smelly kids
6) There’s always that girl in the office or at school who gets flowers from her boyfriend/husband, making the rest of the women envious
7) What is this holiday celebrating? Love? Shouldn’t we celebrate love every day? Do people even know how this holiday started? Because I doubt many people know what kind of torture St. Valentine went through.
8) There’s too much pressure to do something or buy something for this day.
9) It sucks when you’re in a long distrance relationship and you can’t see each other
10) It sucks even more if you’re single.

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    February Holidays

    Yano cracked me up today with her latest . I really don’t wanna a reason why Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday, but I have one comment…. “BE MINE”… those damn candies are illiciting possessive behavior to kids as they pass these out in class…

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