Top 10 Cars Ever

May 17th, 2004 by Yano

Welcome to the Ten on Tuesday’s newest little place on the web. A couple of you asked if I could have a regular place for it, rather than going to my main site, so here it is. I’ll be beefing up the layout sometime soon, so this look will be temporary!

This little gem of a topic was submitted by Steph. Maybe she’s a car freak, I don’t know, but I can honestly say that I don’t know cars that well. But some of you out there might really enjoy this one. So pick your top ten cars of all time - types of cars, famous cars, cars from the movies…it doesn’t matter!

Here’s my list:

1) The Mazda Miata of the early 90’s
2) The Batmobile
3) Honda CRV
4) Herbie, the Love Bug
5) 1975 Chevy Nova - my family’s first car
6) Honda S2000
7) BMW Z4 Roadster
8) Lexus LX 470 SUV
9) The Barbie Corvette
10) Stephen King’s killer car, Christine

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