10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break

September 8th, 2009 by Yano
  1.  Going to sleep late
  2. Procrastinating, in general
  3. Speeding
  4. Eating late at night
  5. Waiting til the last minute to pay bills
  6. Not carrying around cash
  7. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  8. Not carrying around my cell phone with me/or answering it when it rings
  9. Using Q-Tips in my ears, way too deep and way too much
  10. Snoozing for a long time

Next week: 10 Things You Think are Cool

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22 Responses to “10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break”

  1. Jane Says:


    Happy Tuesday!!!!

  2. Katie Says:

    Mine’s up here! http://www.workinprogressrecords.com/2009/09/ten-on-tuesday-10-bad-habits-you-cant-quit/

  3. Marie Says:

    mine is up at this link:

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  5. Rhonda Says:

    Mine can be found here: here

  6. Judi Says:

    Everything Yano said plus ten of my own….. that would make 20 bad habits for me!! Oh, no!

  7. Dez Says:

    Mine’s up here:


    Happy Tuesday!

  8. mizhelle Says:

    on #9, you are like my hubby :)

    mine is up too:


  9. Andi Says:

    Darn, I forgot procrastinating! That’s one of my worst ones.

    Mine’s up at http://thethinksithink.blogspot.com/2009/09/10-bad-habits-i-cant-quit.html

  10. Nino Says:

    Admitting it’s a BAD habit is the key here…

  11. Lynda Says:

    mine is here

  12. angi Says:

    here are my answers http://shopannies.blogspot.com/2009/09/10-bad-habits-you-cant-break.html

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  14. Julie Says:

    My list is up!

  15. PhoenixTheBloggingMama Says:

    We have a few of the same bad habits! lol

    Mine is here!

  16. craftycarole Says:

    mine’s up before midnight!

  17. Ronnie Says:

    way fun!!!

  18. susan sonnen Says:

    it’s up :D

  19. 10 Bad Habits You Can’t Break Says:

    […] Wednesday – I think; it is, right? – but here’s my Ten On Tuesday! My excuse is we were up in a cottage in Lyons, CO and had no Internet access on Tuesday. Now […]

  20. Tina Says:

    here’s mine

  21. Vannie Says:

    mine’s super late; but up now: http://www.ozzysmom.com/2009/09/10-bad-habits-you-cant-break.html

  22. Smither Reens Says:

    Im late, but here I am!