10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island

June 15th, 2009 by Yano

Next Week: 10 Favorite Sports Plays Ever

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33 Responses to “10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island”

  1. NikkiD Says:

    My 10 are up!!


  2. Caryl Says:

    mine is up here.

  3. Sassy Says:

    Mine too! Pretty shallow list for me so I’m excited to see others.


  4. JOanne Says:

    Mine’s up -> http://reejane.blogspot.com/2009/06/10-things-youd-bring-on-deserted-island.html :)

  5. Dez Says:

    Mine’s up here:


  6. Peach Says:

    mine is up http://www.amazingsincebirth.com/2009/06/10-on-tuesday-10-things-youd-bring-on.html

    happy tuesday everyone !

  7. Vicki Says:

    Mine’s HERE

  8. Barb Says:

    Mine is up.

  9. maria Says:

    Here is my post. http://reesspace.blogspot.com/2009/06/ten-on-tuesday.html
    Happy Tuesday

  10. yen of Heavenly Delight Says:

    mine is up now! comment me and i follow http://janyen.blogspot.com/2009/06/ten-on-tuesday-8.html

  11. mypinkpillows Says:

    mine’s here: http://mypinkpillows.com/2009/06/16/10-things-you%e2%80%99d-bring-on-a-deserted-island/

  12. carrie Says:

    I am playing: http://www.koehmstedt.com/2009/06/10-things-id-bring-on-deserted-island.html

  13. Robin Says:

    My first time here at Ten on Tuesady. I have the morning free, so I thought I would give it a go.

  14. Kendahl Says:

    I played! http://stepmomextraordinaire.blogspot.com/2009/06/ten-on-tuesday_16.html

  15. Andi Says:

    Mine are up too! http://thethinksithink.blogspot.com/2009/06/10-things-id-bring-to-desert-island.html

  16. frenchkys Says:

    Here’s mine!

    Imperfection @ Its Finest

  17. ti'mo Says:

    haven’t played in a while…mine are up!

  18. Ten On Tuesday: Desert Island « auguries of innocence Says:

    […] By Shay Starting a new meme today – Ten on Tuesday! Today’s theme is Ten Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island. So here’s my list with some minor explanations! (I’m assuming I can’t bring a […]

  19. Shay Says:

    This is fun! Mine are up here: http://auguriesofinnocence.wordpress.com/2009/06/16/ten-on-tuesday-desert-island/

  20. PhoenixTheBloggingMama Says:

    I really enjoyed making this week’s list! :)

    Mine is here!

  21. Duchess Dethroned Says:

    Decided to do this rather last minute. Yay!

  22. penny Says:

    I played!

  23. lovesmukiwa Says:

    mine are posted.

  24. Tiffany Says:

    This one was SUPER fun! Mine’s up!! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s!

  25. Vannie Says:

    mine’s here: http://www.ozzysmom.com/2009/06/10-things-youd-bring-on-deserted-island.html


  26. Race Says:

    i’m new here and a bit late but mine is up at http://racelyn.com/2009/06/10-things-youd-bring-on-deserted-island.html

  27. fickleinpink Says:

    i’m late! my list is here

  28. lilet balite Says:

    I’m done with my funny list. :D

  29. Zen Says:

    Mine are up!

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  32. velya Says:


  33. ola Says:

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