Ten Great Halloween Costumes

October 25th, 2004 by Yano

1) Blair, from ‘The Facts of Life’ dressed up as a witch - the Blair Witch
2) The Scooby Gang is always a cute group costume
3) My ‘Little Red Riding in da Hood’ getup a couple years ago
4) The Steve Bartman costume
5) The Shower costume from ‘The Karate Kid’
6) The Disney Tigger and Pooh costumes
7) My highly controversial “Knocked Up Slut Nun” costume. Some Catholic Organizations just don’t have a sense of humor!
8) Claudine’s Dinosaur costume - made for kids, but it fit her perfectly - she got herself a fiance out of that night!
9) Jerry’s home made Underdog costume
10) The Petco Dog Vampire costume

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