10 Signs that You’re Getting Older

April 14th, 2009 by Yano

Don’t have time today to do a whole list, but here’s some things that come to mind:

  1. I have no idea what “emo” is, nor do I really care
  2. I went to, and LOVED, the NKOTB concert…along with 30,000 other 30+ year-olds.   Geez - do people even know what NKOTB stands for anymore?
  3. I dread going to the mall on weekends, because groups of teenagers hanging out and doing teenager-things really annoy me…and to think, I did the exact same thing
  4. I can watch CNN for more than 15 minutes without falling asleep
  5. Running up and down a flight of stairs totally winds me
  6. I enjoy reading Better Homes and Gardens, and feel like cutting out articles from Parents magazine
  7. Songs on the “oldies” radio station are songs I listened to in high school

Next week: 10 Underrated Movies

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28 Responses to “10 Signs that You’re Getting Older”

  1. Teena in Toronto Says:

    I’m with you on #7! Ha!

    I played too :)

  2. Shannon Says:

    Not only do I know NKOTB, I stayed in a hotel with them when my dorm burnt down in college. Ugh…Horrible…Trying to get through the mass of girls at the elevator.

    Anyway, my list is posted.

  3. Carole Says:

    Mine’s up. http://caroleknits.net/2009/04/14/ten-on-tuesday-17/ I must admit that this one was kind of depressing! LOL

  4. Kim Says:

    Mine is up. And this week was so much easier than last week! Sad. Loved your list and can relate to most of them. :)

  5. The Social Frog Says:

    Mine is up, I’m back from Vacation :)

  6. Carey Says:

    I played! First time! I’d love to be added to the blogroll, ’cause I’ll be back!


  7. Sonya Says:

    Posting mine now!

  8. Ten on Tuesday - Thoughts on Growing Older | Grandmother Wren Says:

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  9. Mizz Jae Says:

    It’s up!

  10. Grandmother Wren Says:

    I’m in -
    because today I’m feeling like old dust in a dress!

  11. faith Says:

    LOL! #6 is a good one!

    Here’s mine: http://alwaysfaith.blogspot.com/2009/04/ten-on-tuesday-getting-old.html

  12. Charon Marie & My Bittersweet Life Says:

    ten signs i’m getting older…

    My birthday happens to be next week.
    I’ve been listening to 80’s songs talking about how this is “real” music.
    I have a deep disdain for the mall.
    I refuse to just ……

  13. Gal Friday Says:

    Okay…I done it! ;-)

  14. Captain Awesome Says:

    I played.

  15. lovesmukiwa Says:

    Mine are posted :)

  16. yenpart Says:

    I don’t know #2 neither!

    here’s mine: http://yenpart-daily.blogspot.com/2009/04/10-signs-that-youre-getting-older.html

  17. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    New Kids On The Block. Wow people. Make us feel old… ha ha.

    I played, too. Here’s my list:

  18. Joanne Says:

    Mine’s up! -> http://reejane.blogspot.com/2009/04/10-signs-that-youre-getting-older.html

  19. Ozzy's Mom Says:

    hahaha totally agree with you on #3!

    here’s mine: http://www.ozzysmom.com/2009/04/go-and-have-adventure.html

  20. Ozzy's Mom Says:

    hahahaha even I made the mistake of posting the wrong link back there; i am REALLy getting old… bahh

    here’s mine, http://www.ozzysmom.com/2009/04/10-signs-that-youre-getting-older.html

    have a great day!

  21. Zen Says:

    I just heard one of my oldies the other day on the radio. It was quite scary. Mine is up!

  22. Seanna Lea Says:

    I posted mine here:

    Not that I feel old, just sleepy!

  23. Jann Says:

    Here’s my list:

  24. Andie Says:

    I played :)

  25. Nino Says:

    My super-late list is up… and there’s been a change to my blog address: Where Monkey At?!

  26. Duchess Says:

    I’m not much older, but teens have ALWAYS annoyed me!

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