10 Things You’re Really Good At

January 13th, 2009 by Yano

I think we’ve had this topic before, so you can try to put different things if you’ve already done this topic.

  1. Explaining technincal things in easy language
  2. Making up silly games
  3. Puzzles
  4. Procrastinating
  5. Photoshop
  6. Empathizing
  7. Monopoly (for now, that is)
  8. Tony Hawk Pro Skater
  9. Chatting on the internet
  10. Grabbing things with my toes

Next week: 10 Favorite Sports Moments

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38 Responses to “10 Things You’re Really Good At”

  1. Majedmj Says:

    Hi guys

    I have already done Photoshop

  2. Aggie Says:

    Mine is up!

  3. Dzoi Says:

    Here’s mine! :) Happy Tuesday.

  4. Morbid Romantic Says:

    Got mine up! http://morbid-romantic.net/2009/01/13/ten-on-tuesday-10-things-im-good-at

  5. Zen Says:

    I can grab things with my toes too. Nice! Mine is up.


    Mine is up too! Happy Tuesday y’all!

  7. craftycarole Says:

    mine’s up….
    ooo I forgot your number 4, that could be my best thing!

  8. Tina Says:

    First time doing this–nice to have found you.

  9. Mizz Jae Says:

    Mine Are Up! Whew. That was a long one!

  10. storyteller Says:

    Hmmm … seems we BOTH have ‘procrastination’ on our lists ;–)
    Mine are up at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Kimber Says:

    My 10 is up.

  12. Lynda Says:

    Mine’s up:

  13. wysp Says:

    I’m up! :O)

  14. Dawn's Daily Life Says:

    Mine can be found right here! Have a great day! :-)

  15. Nino Says:

    Funny #10! I was watching my cousin adjust the rug with his toes yesterday… ah, filipino pride… Mine’s up.

  16. Kath Says:

    I’m finished. =)

  17. drgngirl Says:

    Great 10!! I played along this week.

  18. The Social Frog Says:

    Mine Is Up :)

  19. Mad Squirrel Says:

    mine is up

  20. Florian Says:

    I did it. :-)

  21. DrewVogel.COM · Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You’re Really Good At Says:

    […] this site comes this week’s Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things You’re Really Good At. In no particular […]

  22. Drew Vogel Says:

    Here are mine! This one was fun.

  23. Andi Says:

    Mine’s up now too!

  24. Donna Says:

    My first time here as well…
    also glad to have found you!

  25. Juliana Says:

    Hi! I have mine up.

  26. Tendrils Says:

    I haven’t been back here in awhile, so today I decided to check in again! I’m up!

  27. Lanie Says:

    This is my first time participating! Thanks!


  28. Marlyn Says:

    My list is up.

  29. Mindi Says:

    Mine are up! =)

  30. Arlene Says:

    mine is up too..am moderately good at procastinating especially when it’s not soo important.

    happy Tuesday!

  31. Shannon H. Says:

    My list was up last night but I just now am getting a chance to post my link.

  32. mary Says:

    here’s my list.


  33. Monica Says:

    Good list this week……

    My response is posted! :)

  34. Char Says:

    Make me think way to much…

  35. NorahS Says:

    Joining in for the first time. Thanks!


  36. Pinaymama Says:

    mien is up!


  37. Jackie Says:

    Love your answers, Yano! LOL

  38. Jackie Says:

    BTW I tried posting on your most recent 10 on Tuesday but I don’t think anything went up! Love your blog :)