10 Things You Want to do in 2009

January 6th, 2009 by Yano

Similar to your new year’s resolution,  but more of a “to do” checklist rather than things that you want to do to improve yourself…

I’ll post my list later…

Next week: 10 Things You’re Really Good At

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38 Responses to “10 Things You Want to do in 2009”

  1. Dawn's Daily Life Says:

    My list is up! Have a great week everyone. :-)

  2. Florinda Says:

    My “to-do list” is posted.

  3. Kimber Says:

    My list is up.

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  5. Shannon H Says:

    My list is up.


    Have an awesome Tuesday!

  6. Monica Says:

    Hello Yano!

    My list is posted now.


  7. storyteller Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve participated, but my list is up at Small Reflections and I’ll be visiting as soon as I walk Molly. She’s been sort of patient while I created the post but isn’t going to be ignored much longer ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

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  9. Mad Squirrel Says:

    Mine is up!

  10. The Social Frog Says:

    Mine Is Up :)

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  12. Drew Vogel Says:

    My list is up! Please enjoy!

  13. Nino Says:

    Happy 2009 everyone! I played this year…

  14. cindy Says:

    first time participant here.

  15. Lynda Says:

    Mine’s up here:
    All the best for 2009

  16. Little Peanut Says:

    Posted mine here;


  17. Wysp Says:

    I’m up too Here

  18. Joy Says:

    mine are up!!

  19. Allison Says:

    Mine are up!
    Happy 2009 everyone!

  20. Meeya Says:

    happy new year! :)

    here’s mine: http://mrsworkinggirl.com/2009/01/06/10-things-i-want-to-do-in-2009/

  21. Juliana Says:

    Just posted mine: http://julianasworld.com/2009/01/06/i-really-want-to

  22. craftycarole Says:

    mine’s up…; .at first I did next week’s but I realized my error and changed it!

  23. Morbid Romantic Says:

    I have mine up here: http://morbid-romantic.net/2009/01/06/ten-on-tuesday-10-things-i-want-to-do-in-2009

  24. Mindi Says:

    Got mine up! Happy Tuesday!

  25. Tall Paul Says:

    My list is here

  26. Laura Says:

    Mine are up!

  27. Amanda Says:

    Geeze I posted and forgot to list it here!

  28. faith Says:

    I’ve missed a few weeks, but I’m back again and mine’s up. Fun list.


  29. Julie Says:

    My list is up!

  30. Karen Bastille Says:

    My first time here -
    thank you for the opportunity to participate.
    I look forward to being a frequent guest.
    Happy Tuesday!

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  32. Allison Says:

    My first in a while.


  33. Jessica Says:


  34. Zen Says:

    Mine is up! endlessknitting.blogspot.com

  35. Seanna Lea Says:

    My list is up: http://anotherpurl.typepad.com/weblog/2009/01/10-on-tues-2009-dreams.html

  36. lovesmukiwa Says:

    My list is up, I just forgot to mention it here!

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  38. Mish Says:

    Hi there,

    Just found this blog. Mine’s here.