10 New Years Resolutions

December 23rd, 2008 by Yano

Copying a lot of them from last year, some are new…

1) Exercise more
2) Take a picture every day
3) Answer my cell phone (and keep it charged)
4) Spend more time reading and playing with Ben
5) Be a better friend
6) Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night
7) Organize my stuff better for work
8) Write more online reviews (I depend on them so much when planning, I need to return the favor
9) Draw again
10) Make work less of a priority and family more: take more vacations, not get so stressed over work

Next week: 10 Best Moments of the Year

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18 Responses to “10 New Years Resolutions”

  1. Mindi Says:

    Way early this time..Yay! Mine’s up,Have a great holiday everyone! =D

  2. frenchkys Says:

    Mine’s up. Nothing really “new” about my list though. lol Merry Christmas!!!

    Imperfection @ It’s Finest

  3. Lynda Says:

    Mine’s up here:

    Merry Xmas ;0)

  4. Sherrie Says:

    Mine are posted. Have a safe and happy holiday season!


  5. Shannon H. Says:


    I played! Merry Christmas!

  6. Florinda Says:

    I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but here’s my list anyway :-).

    Happy holidays!

  7. Tall Paul Says:

    Since I have a degree in Fine Art, I have to ask: why did you stop drawing?

    My list is here

  8. kuanyin Says:

    Mine is up!

  9. Nino Says:

    Wasn’t planning on doing resolutions… but i guess i could try.

  10. I can’t believe I’m doing this again « Let’s Ride Bikes! Says:

    […] to do any meaninful update — partly my perfectionist tendencies kicking in, but the Ten on Tuesday reminder seemed a good prod to spew what’s on my mind . . . until I started reading other […]

  11. amanda Guthrie Says:

    mine is up,
    Merry Christmas everyone! See you next week!

  12. david - living in the tree house Says:

    i will join you and post mine
    Thanks for letting me play

  13. The Social Frog Says:

    Mine Is Up :)
    Thankfully I did not have to put “Quit Smoking” on my list this year!
    Merry Christmas Everyone :)

  14. Sue Says:

    Mine are done.

  15. craftycarole Says:

    i also usually don’t do it, but mine is u.

  16. Juliana Says:

    Here’s my list.


    Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

  17. Jessica Mommynightowl Says:

    Here’s my new years resolutions:

    Enjoy your Holidays Everyone!

  18. SomethingPurple Says:

    Mine is up on a wednesday hee :)

    Have a Happy Christmas y’all!