10 Things You Love Talking About

November 4th, 2008 by Yano

This should be an easy one:

  1. Comic Books
  2. Chicago sports
  3. “LOST”
  4. Filipino-American History
  5. Short Track Speedskating
  6. Things to do and eat in Chicago
  7. Photoshop
  8. “The X-Files”
  9. Disney movies
  10. My son - I can go on for hours!

Next week: 10 Things That are Going to Happen in the Next 4 Years (once we decide who the president will be)

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Get out and VOTE people!

34 Responses to “10 Things You Love Talking About”

  1. Joyce T. Says:

    Mine’s up: http://joyce.taron.net/10-on-tuesday-%E2%80%93-ten-things-i-love-talking-about/

    I have never watched short track speed skating. Do you participate in that? How interesting!

    Thanks for the prompt. :)

  2. The Social Frog Says:

    Mine has been up :)

  3. Valtool Says:

    I have mine up. I wouldn’t expect short-track speed skating to be big in the Phillipenes, but then again, I wouldn’t have expected the new lead singer of Journey to come from there either! :)

  4. Mike Says:

    Mine’s up

  5. Crista Says:

    Got mine up and ready!

  6. FickleMinded Says:

    mine’s up!
    happy tuesday!

  7. peachy Says:

    my first time to join..

  8. alifelessnormal » Blog Archive » the one with ten on tuesday for november 4th Says:

    […] play ten on tuesday here. today’s topic is 10 things you love talking about.  […]

  9. justsomegirl Says:

    i played! i played. this was a fun one.


  10. Helen Says:

    Mine are up right here:

    Fun to think about.

  11. Shannon H. Says:

    I played..http://shaycv.blogspot.com/2008/11/ten-on-tuesday-things-to-talk-about.html

    Don’ Forget To Vote

  12. Berleen - (StraitJacket Mom) Says:

    Woohoo! This one was fun ;)

  13. Title Deleted for Security Reasons Says:

    Why won't she shut up about…?!??…

    The (relatively few) things I love talking about…

  14. Laughing Muse Says:

    Mine are up. I didn’t vote today. I sent in my absentee ballot early last week. :D

  15. Simple Life Says:


  16. Aimée Marie Says:


    Mine is up… Have a good Tuesday and don’t forget to get out and vote. It’s our right and responsibility!

  17. Marylin Says:

    I’ve had a LONG break, but finally I’m back!


    I enjoyed thinking up this week’s. :)

  18. Meeya Says:

    Mine’s up as well. I can talk about my kid forever, too. I think I have “stage mom” deeply embedded on my forehead now. :)

    Make history, go out and vote. :)


  19. sherrie Says:

    My 10 are posted. I like your list. I like Lost too. Does anyone know when the new shows are starting? You can see my list here:
    Take Care!!


  20. Vicki Says:

    mines up

  21. Sharon Says:

    Mine are up!

  22. lovesmukiwa Says:

    mine are up :)

  23. Tere Says:

    Mine’s up now!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    finally got mine up. was at the polls waiting for the doors to open!

  25. craftycarole Says:

    oops the above is mine

  26. Laura Says:

    Mine are up!

  27. Melody Says:

    Mine’s here…


  28. Dane Says:

    Mine are up! :D

  29. Karoline Says:

    Mine are up :)

  30. faith Says:

    I’m playin again….good topic! =)

  31. Florinda Says:

    I know it’s not Tuesday any more, but I thought I’d talk about this stuff anyway :-).

  32. That’ll Be That About That: TeamKirith Talk » Ten on Tuesday: Things I Love to Talk About Says:

    […] This week’s topic was fun, though I am delayed since I spent all of yesterday talking about the election! I do love a good yack session, much to Craig’s chagrin! […]

  33. Leslie Says:

    Like Florinda, I figured better late than never!


  34. Kate Says:

    Mine is up. Mostly personal but some are global.