10 Things You Didn’t Like About School

August 26th, 2008 by Yano

There are some people who are great students, that love studying and have a great attention span.  I am definitely not one of those people!

  1. Homework (of course)
  2. Labels -  The popular group, nerds/geeks, goths, jocks
  3. Uniforms (went to Catholic school)
  4. Fill in the blank questions rather than multiple choice
  5. Chemistry
  6. Lugging around heavy books
  7. Trying to find out who you are and where you fit in - it was harder for some than others
  8. In college, you could be 19 and get into bars, but had to be 21 to drink.  Not fun.
  9. Cramming all night for finals
  10. Having your roommate refuse to share her horticulture notes with you because you and your other roommate ditched and had Subway instead

Next week: 10 People You’d Love to Meet, from Nino.

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36 Responses to “10 Things You Didn’t Like About School”

  1. sunshineforlife/arlene Says:

    # 5 and # 9 is not nice too for me. hehehe

    mine is already up. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Annie Says:

    Mine is up!

  3. Nino Says:

    Fill in the blanks were killer, but i took pride in cramming the all nighter… Happy early Tuesday!

    Where You At?!

  4. Donna (hulaknitter) Says:

    I kinda wished back then that I wore a school uniform…..would have made getting ready in the morning a bit easier……

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  6. FRANCINE Says:

    mine’s here


  7. Florinda Says:

    Can’t disagree with Yano’s #2, #3, #6, and #7.

    My list is up - and this week, it’s really mine :-).

    Have a great Tuesday, y’all!

  8. Sharon Says:

    Great list!
    It’s my first time playing along. I had fun! :) Thanks.
    Have a great day!

  9. Tall Paul Says:

    Nice list. I forgot (repressed?) cramming. Here’s mine:


  10. Kittilicious Says:

    Got mine up :) I do believe this is my first time playing along!

  11. Mike F Says:

    Mine is up. Now I’m going to have bad dreams about being back in school.

  12. Teena in Toronto Says:

    I played … though I changed the rules a bit because I like(d) school.

  13. Sheeshintx4ofakind Says:

    I played. I probably could have come up with more of the things I liked, but was able to come up with my 10. Happy Tuesday!

  14. Tere {Blessings in Life} Says:

    # 9 was something I am often guilty of :) Mine’s up:


  15. Jen Says:

    I liked this one, but it took me back to those days for sure! Mine is up, so stop over! Thanks!

  16. Allison Says:

    I haven’t done this one is a few weeks, but this week’s question was really good!

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  18. ti'mo Says:

    Happy Tuesday all - mine are up!

  19. Joyce T. Says:

    Happy Tuesday! My list is up also. :)

  20. Sara Says:

    I’m in…Mine are up

  21. YellowRose Says:

    I’m up!! Great answers!

  22. Drew Vogel Says:

    Mine is up at http://www.drewvogel.com/ten-on-tuesday-10-things-you-didnt-like-about-school .

  23. Kimber Says:


  24. Lazy Daisy Says:

    I can so agree with Chemistry….fun topic this week.

  25. pinaymama Says:

    same with homework here!!!! heheheehe…..

    mine is up!

  26. Irishcoda Says:

    Mine are up, I bet everyone puts homework on the list!

  27. Mindi Says:

    Mine are up! Happy Tuesday!! =D

  28. The Gal Herself Says:

    Doing this meme reminded me that the adult world and work aren’t so bad after all!

  29. Wysperia Says:

    I’m up too!

  30. Christi Says:

    I’m up! First timer, here!

  31. craftycarole Says:

    finally did mine.. now to do my school (teacher) work!

  32. NDH Says:

    Finished mine…but I ended with my favorite thing, trying to make it a positive!

  33. lovesmukiwa Says:

    My computer was having issues yesterday but I posted just now.

  34. Tiffany Says:

    I have started a new blog and just started doing Ten on Tuesdays again! I used to do Ten on Tuesdays every Tuesday for years on my old blog My Thoughts… My Life! So yay to a new blog and to getting to do these again!

  35. Vannie Says:

    better late than never!!!^_^
    mine’s up click HERE

  36. Annie Says:

    My ‘Ten people you’d love to meet’ is up