10 Least Favorite Celebrities

July 22nd, 2008 by Yano

I admit it, as much as I hate those horrible crushes of paparazzi that follow celebrities, I can’t help but be addicted to gossip websites and the e! channel.  However, there are some celebrities that are on my “yuck” list (which, doesn’t really have any REAL celebrities on it):

  1. Heidi Spencer and Spencer Pratt - why are these two still around?  Every picture you see of them has been set up by them and totally looks fake.  I want them to fade away into obscurity ASAP.
  2. Denise Richards - hers is the only show on television that I make an effort to avoid.  for some reason i can’t stand her!
  3. Perez Hilton - Yes, I go to his site, but I’ve seen it devolve into something that is not as fun as it used to be.  He’s become such a big celebrity in his own mind that he’s starting to make fun of people who are gaining weight - forgetting the weight that he was at not even a year ago.  It’s a little annoying
  4.  Ann Coulture - She seems like a pretty intelligent woman, which makes me wonder why she says the crazy things she does
  5. Tara Reid - She had a promising future, but fell into that pit of booze, partying and botched plastic surgery that young Hollywood starlets seem to do
  6. Andy Dick - the guy is TOTALLY obnoxious

Hmm…that’s all I can think of for now.  This topic was harder than I thought it would be!

I’m running out of ideas for 10 on Tuesday - I’m open to suggestions!  Add any topic suggestions in your comments - if I use your topic, I’ll make sure to pimp your blog out with your 10oT topic!

Next week: 10 Things to Do When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

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38 Responses to “10 Least Favorite Celebrities”

  1. Redness Says:

    My 10 include some Aussie’s that might be new to you International guys …

  2. FickleMinded Says:

    mine’s up at . . .

  3. Nina Says:

    Mine’s up ……………. everyone have a great day!

  4. Amy Says:

    You can visit my list at the Frugal Bookworm!


  5. Marianne Says:

    Here’s mine: with a sci fi twist. http://www.scifijungle.com/

  6. baileysgranny Says:

    Here’s my list this week:


  7. Teena in Toronto Says:

    I forgot about Denise Richards. Ha!

    Mine is up too :)

  8. Connie Says:


  9. Keri Says:

    Mine is up!

  10. Shannon Says:

    My response is posted.


  11. Sheeshintx4ofakind Says:

    Mine is up. Happy Tuesday!

  12. pjd Says:

    I put mine up

    I didn’t read yours first, so I didn’t realize we had Ann Coulter in common. But really, I must admit I don’t even know who the other names are you mention. I can’t wait to visit all the other lists and not recognize any of the names.

  13. Tere {Blessings in Life} Says:

    Happy Tuesday! Mine’s up here:

  14. FRANCINE Says:

    my list is here


  15. Mike Says:

    Mine is up. I felt bad at first, but not when I was done!

  16. Nino Says:

    Happy Tuesday! I started to play… more later.

  17. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:

    It will be interesting to see how many we have in common and if we can determine the top least fave celeb based on frequency of appearances

  18. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:

    Yeah, so far Paris Hilton is on about 90% of the lists with Brittney Spears, Jolie/Pitt in a close chase.

  19. lovesmukiwa Says:

    mine are finally up

  20. cjh Says:

    http://theittybittythings.blogspot.com/2008/07/10-on-tuesday-32.html I’m up. I also have Ms. Spears, Hilton, and Jolie.

    As for topics, there are always the seasonal ones (holidays, summer, back-to-school). On the radio they were talking about favorite villians. Yeah, I’m at a loss, too.

  21. Kimber Says:

    This was a fun one!

  22. Britney Says:

    Mine is up!

  23. mahaus Says:

    This one was tougher than I thought it would be. I’m new so I don’t know if you have used these or not.

    tv shows
    albums / cds
    things about your job
    sports memories
    olympic events

  24. YellowRose Says:

    I finally got mine up!! I didn’t list him, but I agree with you on Andy Dick!


  25. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    My list is posted.
    I kind of feel mean.
    But then it feels good to get this off my chest. ha

  26. Goosey Lucy Says:

    Mine is up!

    Am I the only one who actually likes Brangelina? :D

  27. Tuppence Says:

    Mine is up. I’m guessing there will be a lot of overlaps in everyone’s lists. Can’t wait to read what everyone has.

  28. Maria Says:

    This was really hard.

  29. The Gal Herself Says:

    My list is up. Let’s see how many we all match on.

  30. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    Perez Hilton is pretty annoying.
    I put a variation of Heidi & Spencer on my list. How do these people become famous?!

  31. Julie Says:

    I freaking hate Ann Coulter.

  32. Pinaymama Says:

    posted mine!!

  33. Queen of Darkness Says:

    Sorry mine is a little late. Here it is: Ten on Tuesday - Bad Celebrities! No Biscuit! .

  34. Skye Says:

    I’m going to start playing next tuesday :D
    You could do things like:
    10 favourite websites
    10 things to do when your bored
    10 websites to go on when your bored
    10 most annoying songs
    10 things you would but if you won the lottery

    Just a few ideas :)

  35. danielle Says:

    10 favorite scents
    10 favorite things about your state
    10 favorite articles of clothing
    10 favorite resturaunts
    10 favorite album covers
    10 favorite pictures
    10 favorite things about the opposite sex
    10 favorite names for future children

    Ok, I tried:)

  36. cjh Says:

    I had a long drive yesterday:

    -jobs you wouldn’t want to have.
    -or ones you would.
    -classes you’d take (if you had the time and money)
    -dream cars
    -best concerts you’ve been to (or ones you’d like to go to)
    - oldest (or strangest) things in your fridge
    - things you did on your summer “vacation”

  37. Shannon Says:


    01. Play World of Warcraft
    02. Play games on Pogo.com
    03. Watch movies
    04. Read a book
    05. Play board games
    06. Play card games
    07. Write in a journal
    08. Blog
    09. Take a nice, long, cool shower.
    10. Take a nap

  38. Life and Love Says:

    Happy Tuesday! Mine is Done! :)