10 Ways the World Has Changed Since You’ve Been in School

June 3rd, 2008 by Yano

For those of you who are still in school….improvise!

  1. Cell phones. I was in school in the days of pagers/beepers. When I was in high school, only drug dealers had pagers.
  2. GoogleMaps, Yahoo!Maps and Mapquest. How did any of us get around without online maps?
  3. Democrats vs. Republicans - It didn’t seem so bad when I was in school
  4. Reality Shows - TV programming had actual content…except for MTV, though the Real World back then was actually good
  5. Road Trips were fun - now Road Trips will get you in the poorhouse!
  6. You actually had to have TALENT to be a celebrity - acting, singing, etc. None of this fame whore crap!
  7. All the other countries thought that the US was awesome. Now, not so much.

That’s all I could come up with for now…sorry the list is late!

Next week: 10 Things That Annoy You About Work

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37 Responses to “10 Ways the World Has Changed Since You’ve Been in School”

  1. Carole Says:

    I like your list, it’s more general than mine. Mine is here http://caroleknits.knitblog.com/archives/2008/06/#a000762

  2. Mad Squirrel Says:

    Love your list. My list is already up and going. Thanks for giving me something to think about for a week and post every Tuesday.

  3. Tanja Says:

    Mine’s up.

  4. Steph Says:

    Hey there good list! I was having trouble coming up with mine as well!

  5. Florinda Says:

    This list was a joint production by my husband and me - he doesn’t have a blog, but he enjoys coming up with these things. Less work for me! :-D

    I totally agree with your #6, Yano.

  6. Keri Says:

    Mine is up… My is a little different because I’ve only been out of school for 5 years… so come check it out… it’s 10 events or things that have happened since I started school in 1990.

  7. Teena in Toronto Says:

    This made me feel old! Ha!

    I played ;)

  8. Meeya Says:

    we have the same observation with #1. i even see first graders with cellphones nowadays! :D my list of ten are up, too. have a great tuesday everyone! :)

  9. kristleharrison Says:

    I played! :) Happy Tuesday!

  10. angela Says:

    I played! again!! http://theknittingdiva.com/?p=240

  11. Lynda Says:

    Mine’s up here:

  12. CatMyers Says:

    Great list, Yano. Here’s my list: http://catknitsandthings.blogspot.com/2008/06/ten-on-tuesday-2.html

  13. Sunfire Says:

    My list is up, but it’s half things that have changed, and half things that are still the same.

    Everything changes, so the second half was a test for myself.

    Great topic this week!

  14. Cookie Says:

    Good list. Remember when MTV played videos?

    My list is up. I feel old now. :p

  15. Wyspy Says:

    I’m up!
    I miss my MTV. I loved it when they played video’s!
    Great “10″ this week!

  16. Sandy M Says:

    Great list! Mine is up.

  17. Laane Says:

    This was so great to do.

    My list is up.


  18. Mike Says:

    Mine is up now. I feel a little older after writing it.

  19. Amber Says:

    got it all done!

  20. Bubba's Sis Says:

    My list is up!

  21. storyteller Says:

    My June 3rd ToT is up at Small Reflections. IHere’s my link: HoTs and ToTs. Hope you’ll visit. I’ll be visiting later this afternoon ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Cassie Says:

    Boy, I feel ancient! Mine are up! :)

  23. Linda - Practically at Home Says:

    Yikes . . . I’m not really old yet, am I?


  24. Adalea Says:

    A little later then I meant to, but here’s mine: Ten on Tuesday - Changes.

  25. Erin Says:

    I’m up! (PS: I might have accidentally pushed the “phishing scam” button on my hotmail account when I got your email! Sorry!!)

  26. Bubba's Mom Says:

    Come by and check out my list - and my new look!

  27. Martha Says:

    mine will be up shortly

  28. Surfergirl Says:

    this list got me on a reminiscing mode! sorry its late. mine’s up http://www.mysurfergirl.info/2008/06/again-late-meme-but-since-i-have-valid.html

  29. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    My list is up!

  30. alisonwonderland Says:

    this was fun! mine is up here.

  31. Counting my Blessings! Says:

    My list is up here… that was really fun!

  32. LoriG Says:

    I shared 7 and then I just couldn’t take it anymore!

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  34. Joyce T. Says:

    I’m posting late; so sorry!

  35. Marcy Says:

    Here’s my list — I also took a stroll down memory lane with this prompt. Thanks!!

  36. Nino Says:

    Very late and still unfinished…
    Where You At?!

  37. Ten on Tuesday Says:

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