10 Favorite Computer Programs/Games

September 13th, 2004 by Yano

1) Photoshop
2) Notepad
3) Internet Explorer
4) The Sims
5) Tony Hawk Pro Skater
6) Pokerstars
7) Winamp
8) AIM
9) Thumbs Plus
10) Windows Explorer

Next Week: 10 favorite children’s names

9 Responses to “10 Favorite Computer Programs/Games”

  1. Elena Says:

    Great question…you’re talking to a bunch of geeks! LOL

  2. barb Says:

    mine’s up

  3. curly Says:

    mine are up! good topic!

  4. bumblebootie Says:

    mine too!

  5. alisa Says:

    mine are up

  6. Henry Says:

    mine’s up
    hehehe i dunno if you remember all the old apple and old pc programs, but yeah :)

  7. Cassie Says:

    Mine are up :)

  8. rfduck Says:

    New player here, and yes my answers are VERY late, but I wanted to do last week’s too before the new ones. So here they are.

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