10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in the Spring

March 11th, 2008 by Yano

It’s been a long long winter! Can’t wait for spring to come. (I know we had this last year, but it’s a seasonal topic :-P)

  1. Easter Egg hunts
  2. An end to the college basketball season (I get my TV back again!)
  3. Baseball season starts
  4. Trees are blossoming
  5. Flowers blooming
  6. Thunderstorms
  7. Cinco de Mayo parties
  8. Time to put away thick winter jackets
  9. My birthday
  10. NO MORE SNOW!!!

Next week: 10 Places You’d Take a Tourist to See in Your Hometown

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50 Responses to “10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in the Spring”

  1. Bubba's Mom Says:

    My list is up!

  2. Bubba's Sis Says:

    So is mine! I love Spring! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Yen Says:

    Mine is posted too! :D Happy Tuesday!

  4. Teena in Toronto Says:

    I’m with you re #10!

    I played too :)

  5. Carole Says:

    I posted my list today at http://caroleknits.knitblog.com/archives/2008/03/#a000701

  6. Vashonnte Says:

    I love spring! mine is here Yay for warm weather!

  7. Emmy Says:

    Love #3! Mine are up and I see sunshine! Have a great Tuesday!
    How can I get on your “Players” list? My blog is Cats and Hamsters Don’t Mix www.ditybeadsmemphis.blogspot.com

  8. Shannon H. Says:

    My list is up!


  9. Dawn's Daily Life Says:

    Mine is up! :-) Have a great week everyone.

  10. JennieBoo Says:


    I always enjoy ToT. The questions are lotsa fun!

    See ya’ll next week!

  11. Fresh Girl Says:

    My list is up!


  12. Nichole D. Says:

    Mine is up! (Thanks for adding me to the sidebar, too!)

  13. Nino Says:

    Mine’s up. Happy Tuesday!

  14. Frances Says:

    Good Tuesday morning to you all.
    I got the list up before noon :)
    Everyone have a wonderful day

  15. Florinda Says:

    Hey, I have a spring birthday too - and it’s one of the things on my list! Have a great Tuesday, y’all.

  16. Martha Says:

    Mine will be up in a few!

  17. Ellen Says:

    It’s been so good thinking about Spring.

  18. Laura Says:

    Yay for Spring! I’m up!

  19. Amanda Says:

    woo hoo for spring!! yay

    here is mine:

  20. Sunfire Says:

    Did mine before bed… since I’m just now getting up, I suppose I can post that I’m done… LOL

  21. Gloria @ Saddeyezz Scraps & Snaps Says:

    Got mine up, happy Tuesday everybody!


  22. Heather Says:

    I’ve got mine up!!


  23. Gette Says:

    Up and at ‘em, waiting for spring…

  24. Erin Says:

    i’m up!

  25. Wysperia Says:

    I’m up too!
    Have a great day folks!

  26. Melli Says:

    I’m a first time player this week! Can’t WAIT for Spring!!!

  27. Cookie Says:

    Nice list.

    Mine is up.

  28. Jimaie Says:

    Wooohoo! My list is up, i heart spring!!!

  29. Dee Says:

    This is a toughy, because I love winter, & don’t really look forward to spring (heat & summer follow much to quickly!). But I found 10!


  30. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Soooooooo, when is your birthday? Are you leaving us hanging here wanting more? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

    My 10 Springy things are posted. Hope y’all can drop by.

  31. Allison (aka AngelGal) Says:

    Mine’s up. Poke around a bit at the rest of my posts. You’ll find out what big reason I have this year to be happy when….well, just go check it out :-)

  32. ahhhhhhhh…spring! « Tendrils’ Ink Says:

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  33. Tendrils Says:

    I’m up!!!!

  34. Ashley Says:

    I’m up!

  35. Lillasyster Says:

    I’m with you for the first time =)

  36. HoosierGirl Says:

    My list is up.


  37. Irishcoda Says:

    Mine’s up…finally :P

  38. Joyce T. Says:

    Here’s my list: http://joyce.taron.net/10-things-i%e2%80%99m-looking-forward-to-in-the-spring/
    This is my first time. :)

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  40. Kelly Says:

    A bit late, but I’m up!

  41. kasper Says:

    My very first 10 on Tuesday! I’m a little slow, but mine’s up.

  42. Julie Says:

    My list is up! Happy spring everyone!

  43. LoriG Says:

    My first time!

  44. Ann Says:

    Great minds think alike–I started doing a “top ten on Tuesday” in October :) (http://morequestionsthana.blogspot.com/search/label/Top%20Ten%20Tuesday) I signed up for a Mr. Linky, but was getting so few responses that I stopped using it–if you’d like to use it, you’re welcome to. My Ten for this week is at http://morequestionsthana.blogspot.com/2008/03/top-ten-tuesdays-time-to-clean-car.html

  45. Mercedes Says:

    Mine have been up. I’m just late posting here-lol! Check it out here: http://mercedesrules.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/im-looking-forward-to-spring/

  46. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    I am SO late to the party. But my list is finally up.

  47. Marcy Says:

    Unbelievably late this week. Unbelievably!!

  48. Martha Says:

    Mine are up!

  49. Rosh Says:

    Mine are up!

  50. Irishcoda Says:

    Happy TT, mine are up!