10 Things You’d Buy If You Had a Million Dollars

January 29th, 2008 by Yano

There’s no getting by easy on this one like saying “giving it to charity” or “saving it for my kids’ college”. You’ve got a million dollars, and you’ve got to spend it on yourself. Your list can add up to a million dollars, or each of the items on your list could be huge million dollar splurges. Your choice! Be greedy, spoil yourself!

My million dollar shopping list

1) A house - not a mansion but nothing too small…maybe something around 800K

2) A Wii, and lots of games - 1K

3) Computer stuff - a kick ass laptop, new desktop, printer, external drive, the works! - 10K

4) Become the ultimate photographer - new lenses, tripod, filters, flashes etc. - 15K

5) Trip around the word for my family - 35K

6) A new fridge and a standalone freezer - 7K

7) In-home gym equipment - 20K

8) Mountain bike and gear - 3K

9) New car - 70K

10) Entertainment - DVD’s, iPod, music, big screen TV’s - 35K

This list was a lot harder to make than I thought it would be!

Next week: 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV
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39 Responses to “10 Things You’d Buy If You Had a Million Dollars”

  1. Hootin' Anni Says:

    Interesting list…very eclectic!!!

  2. OneLuvGurl Says:

    That one was really hard! Mine is FINALLY up! It took forever! :)

  3. jenn Says:

    i really had a fun answering this… my top ten list is now up:


  4. Ladytink_534 Says:

    Mine’s up!

  5. Bubba's Sis Says:

    I’m up! I had a hard time, too - everything I thought of was for someone else (eg college for kids)! Had to knuckle down and be selfish. ;-)

  6. Florinda Says:

    This assignment sounded easier than it turned out to be - glad some of you thought so, too! :-)

    My post is up. Have a great Tuesday!

  7. alifelessnormal » Blog Archive » the one with a ten on tuesday 1:29:08 Says:

    […] 10 Things You’d Buy if You Had a Million Dollars […]

  8. justsomegirl Says:

    i played this week. harder than i thought it would be.

  9. mommytoj Says:

    Mine is up!

  10. Kiki Says:

    Mine is up!

  11. Nino Says:

    Difficult, but fun. Mine’s up. Happy Tuesday.

  12. daysies Says:

    it’s been so long since i did one of these… my answers are up!


  13. Krista Says:

    You were right- it was hard to make the list, and I ran out of money quickly.

  14. Wolfie Says:

    Hi, mine is up..

  15. JennieBoo Says:

    I haven’t played in a long while but now I’m back.

    Fun hypothetical today.

    Cheers, all!

  16. Tempest Says:

    This is my first one of these, one I see doing every week :)

    I actually found this one pretty easy. I dream about this sort of thing a lot ;)

  17. Tendrils Says:

    I’m up! :) Have a great week!

  18. Sunfire Says:

    Wow, that was fun! Now I just need to keep focusing on these goals so that they become reality!

    I’m looking forward to next week’s too!

  19. Mindi Says:

    Took a lot of deciding,but I got mine up now.Happy Tuesday!

  20. Jennifer Says:

    Mine’s posted here: http://jenniferhendrickson.blogspot.com/2008/01/1-million-10-things-for-me.html. Great list this week! Have a great rest of the week everyone!

  21. Sandy M Says:

    Mine is up!

  22. Alexis Says:

    Cool meme. Mine is up!

  23. ti'mo Says:

    mine are up - happy tuesday!

  24. Pigeon Says:

    How fun!

  25. Jenty Says:

    Mine’s up!! That was very difficult.

  26. Marylin Says:

    made it! just, but i made it! I found that one pretty easy actually, not sure what it says about me… lol!

  27. Library Girl Says:

    I am finally back up after a several-month hiatus. Whee!

  28. Cassie Says:

    Better late than never! And I even found a music video to go with my list :)

  29. Shrike & Whozat Says:

    Mine’s up :-)

  30. Marcy Says:

    Here’s mine — I’ve been very lax lately!!

  31. Erin Says:

    i’m up!

  32. xinh Says:

    Mine is up. I’m thinking I need more than $1M though! :-)

  33. Amanda Says:

    mine is up. that was fun

  34. about that million everyone is always talking about… « blogjem Says:

    […] it was Ten On Tuesday’s topic: ‘10 Things You’d Buy If You Had a Million […]

  35. Dee Says:

    Spending money is hard work… but fun!

  36. Pam @ Beyond The Red Door Says:

    I wanna do this one again next week. I have more!!

  37. Serena Says:

    I am so late but done finally.



  38. Bubba's Mom Says:

    Late with my comment, but my list is up! Come by and check it out!

  39. Yen Says:

    I’m joining this week:)