10 New Year’s Resolutions

December 18th, 2007 by Yano

I tried to mix it up a little this year, though it’s pretty much the same as years before. I never learn!

1) Exercise more
2) Scan all my old pictures
3) Answer my cell phone
4) Spend more time reading and playing with Ben
5) Become a better photographer
6) Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night
7) Organize my stuff better for work
8) Get rid of my credit card debt
9) Draw again
10) Make work less of a priority and family more: take more vacations, not get so stressed over work

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33 Responses to “10 New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. OneLoveGurl Says:

    I posted mine before yours today!

  2. Write From Karen Says:

    Now if I can only stick to the plan …

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  3. Sandy M Says:

    Mine are up!!

  4. Florinda Says:

    Mine’s up. Have a great Tuesday!

  5. justsomegirl Says:

    mine are up too … the easy part is writing it … the hard part is DOING it.

  6. Bubba's Sis Says:

    Mine are up - couldn’t come up with ten, tho……I’ll add to it throughout the day if I think of more!

  7. Angelika Says:

    My answers are here.

  8. patois Says:

    All noble resolutions you’ve got there. Mine’s up, too. Not so noble, though.

  9. m.o.M. Says:

    “Plan the work and work the plan” that’s what my Dad always says. Hmmmm, should have put that one on my list. I tend to plan the work and wo…hey! did you see that hummingbird fly by? Let’s follow it!

  10. Nino Says:

    Mine’s up. Tried to be a little realistic this year. Everyone be safe out there!

  11. Serena Says:

    We even have a few matches on the resolutions.

  12. Sonya Says:

    Mine are up! I tried to make sure I listed things I could actually accomplish….well, except maybe nagging my hubby! LOL!

  13. Ladytink_534 Says:

    Hello! Mine’s up and I think I might be able to follow through this year!

  14. Krista Says:

    This is my first time- Mine is up, and it was fun.

  15. Dee Says:

    Yours are great. Sleeping should have been on mine too… oh well, maybe in 2009.
    Mines up.

  16. Pam @ Beyond The Red Door Says:

    I was dreading this one but it turned out to be pretty simple. Mine are up! I look forward to you stopping by for a visit.

  17. pjd Says:

    After a much-too-long time away, I’ve finally returned! Can’t wait to see what all y’all resolved for 2008. I can’t believe 2008 is already (almost) here. Egads.

  18. Amanda Says:

    I tried to make mine easy that I know I can achieve


  19. Whozat Says:

    Mine’s up.

  20. Karah Says:

    mine are up!

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  22. Dawn Says:

    Mine is up! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :-)

  23. Tendrils Says:

    Mine is up! A hard one!

  24. Sharon Says:

    My resolutions are up.

  25. Laane Says:


    My 10 are up.
    I had to think about them.

    You can find them here

  26. Marylin Says:

    mine are up! lets see how many I actually stick to this year…

  27. Marcy Says:

    Here are mine — I might actually be able to keep a couple this year.

  28. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    Mine are up.
    Wow, it’s not even January yet and I’m already tired thinking about them …

  29. 10 on Tuesday « Red Fork State of Mind Says:

    […] on Tuesday This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 New Year’s […]

  30. Sunfire Says:

    Mine’s up - late because I had finals to do yesterday.

  31. Sara Jane Says:

    I love the idea of scanning pics. I should have said printing mine out. I’m so bad at that…

  32. Wolfie Says:

    Hi, Mine’s up..
    Merry Christmas..!!

  33. OneLuvGurl Says:

    My top 10 gifts are up!