10 Favorite Things

July 10th, 2007 by Yano

This week’s topic is 10 of your favorite things, and to make it a little more interesting, let’s see some photos, whether it’s photos that you’ve taken yourself or that you’ve found on the internet. (I suggest flickr or Google Image Search)

1) My Son

The Cousins!
2) My Family (including that guy I married)

Chicago Skyline
3) Chicago

Howling at the Moon
4) Halloween

Wonder Woman
5) Comic Books

6) Photography

7) Sushi

8) Photoshop (from Google image search)

Sunset Over the Green River
9) Sunsets

Chocolate Cupcakes with Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting
10) Sweets

Next week: 10 Favorite Movies from Your Childhood

29 Responses to “10 Favorite Things”

  1. Eppy Says:

    yay, i finally got it up when it’s still tuesday :)

  2. cjh Says:

    I’m up (freakishly early). I narrowed the topic a bit, too.

  3. Write From Karen Says:

    Great photos! You take the best pictures.

    Fun week!

  4. Jolene Says:

    Great variety of fav things. Thanks for sharing.

    Mine are up.

  5. BSL Says:

    Your pics are so much better than mine! I’m up! =)

  6. Bubba's Sis Says:

    Your pics are great!!

    I’m up, too - check me out!

    Also check out USO Girl at http://usogirl.blogspot.com!

  7. Frances Says:

    Just posted mine.
    You’re is lovely - beautiful son, beautiful family, and yummy sweets ;) Take care,

  8. Kiki Says:

    It was HARD to narrow it down!

  9. pjd Says:

    Nice list and nice photos. I particularly like the cyclops one. Mine is up. Happy Tuesday!

  10. Nichole Says:

    Mine is up!

  11. Loretta Says:

    That was a fun list to make! :)

  12. JennieBoo Says:

    REALLY enjoyed your 10 today. I’ve gotta say the sweets are my favorite!

    Hope everyone’s having a blessed Tuesday!

    I’m about to go see everyone else’s. YAY!

  13. Mindi Says:

    Mine’s up!

  14. Sharon Says:

    Mine’s up.

  15. Patois Says:

    I love your list and I love your photos. I’m up, too.

  16. Desiree Says:

    Posted. No photos this time.

  17. Crimson Wife Says:

    Mine is finally up here.

  18. Clockworkchris Says:

    My name is the direct permalink-
    I love your pictures of things you love. At first I wasn’t sure if the first was your son or bubbles. I love bubbles but I left it off. Oh well…

  19. Sonya Says:

    Mine is up, finally!

  20. Julie Says:

    Your son is so adorable!

    My list is up. It was hard to stop at 10 :)

  21. Ginny Says:

    This was SO much fun! http://scrappyd.blogspot.com/2007/07/ten-on-tuesday.html

    BTW, great pics!

  22. Monique Says:

    Mine are up over here. I really enjoyed this one.

  23. Nino Says:

    I love your pictures. Mine was up kinda early…

  24. diana/sunshine Says:

    this is my second week doing the 10 for tuesday. i’m enjoying it. so far, the topics have been great.


  25. alisonwonderland Says:

    your photos are great!

    my 10 are up - barely still tuesday, and mostly not photos, just images. but it was still fun to do!

    happy tuesday!

  26. Elton Says:

    I decided to play this week!

  27. surfergirl Says:

    love your photos! my list is up :)

  28. Kay Says:

    How fun…and what great pix! Mine are posted here!

  29. Tendrils Says:

    Mine is FINALLY UP! Great topic! Have a great week!