Time to Brag: 10 Awesome Things About You

June 12th, 2007 by Yano

1) I’ve got a nice smile
2) I’m a good listener
3) I danced with Wesley Snipes once
4) I’m pretty good at web design
5) My son is the cutest kid on the planet
6) I can type really fast
7) I care a lot about other people’s feelings
8) I’m good at mediating arguments…
9) I’m a girl who loves comic books and playing football
10) I give the best hugs ever!

Next week: 10 Favorite Movies to Quote

22 Responses to “Time to Brag: 10 Awesome Things About You”

  1. cjh Says:

    I’m up. Can’t wait for the next topic.

  2. clockworkchris Says:

    I too am excited to see what the next topic is. I hate bragging so mine is a bit more practical.
    Click away

  3. Gabrielle Says:

    It’s up on my meme blog. Your comment doesn’t want to receive the link from it because of my meme blog URI is ended by “dot info” :\

  4. Ang Says:

    Mine are up. That was difficult. Very difficult.

  5. Shannon Says:

    Mine are up!

  6. Bubba's Sis Says:

    I had to get help on this one - but I’m up! Happy Tuesday!

  7. Julia Says:

    I posted. Have a nice day!

  8. JennieBoo Says:

    I’m up at “OSOMOLOVE”.

    I’m very uncomfortable complimenting myself. This week’s challenge was just that, challenging!

    Happy Tuesday, all!

    See ya next week!

  9. Patois Says:

    I’m in! Clearly, modesty isn’t high on my list.

  10. Drew Says:

    I’m up.

  11. Crimson Wife Says:

    I had a hard time with this one, but my list is up here.

  12. eternal flux Says:

    My very first one!!!

  13. cmaine Says:

    Hi there! I posted two weeks at once–last week and this week. I like all the responses to this! Shows how we are our own worst enemies.

  14. Frances Says:

    Sorry about the Internet situation.
    Thanks goodness for that phone.
    I’m up
    Take care,

  15. Psycho Dude Says:

    Got mine up :), enjoy ^^

  16. pjd Says:

    Ten things about myself, sure. But what’s so awesome? Sigh.

  17. Nino Says:

    Piece o’ cake! J/K! I’ll try to finish later…

  18. Domestic Geek Says:

    I got my 10 Awesome Things list done.

  19. karianne Says:

    This is the best one yet! I loved it!


  20. Sockpuppet Says:

    got mine up.. this was a toughy.

  21. ti'mo Says:

    I’m up, a little late :)

  22. Nino Says:

    Great list! Safe travels…