A Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Pics You’ve Taken

May 22nd, 2007 by Yano

I don’t think I’ve done a Photo related 10 on Tuesday before…I love taking pictures, though I don’t have much time nowadays to do much. Here’s some of my favorites:

Bamboo Munchies
1) Panda at San Diego Zoo

Rusty Smith
2) Short Track Speedskater Rusty Smith

Private Hammock
3) Relaxing in Aruba

My Favorite Shade
4) My Favorite Shade

Sunset Over the Green River
5) Sunset over Green River

Bonsai Tree
6) Bonsai Tree

Little Carribean Islands
7) Caribbean Islands from the Sky

Ready to Bloom
8) Ready to Bloom

Surfer I
9) Surfer

Looking at Papa
10) My Boys

I can’t wait to see all of yours!

Next week: 10 Greatest Accomplishments in Your Life

29 Responses to “A Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Pics You’ve Taken”

  1. Drew Vogel Says:

    The Carribean islands shot is AMAZING. At first, I thought it was a photo taken underwater — the clouds looked to me like bubbles. I love it!

  2. clockworkchris Says:

    I love your pictures-WOW-I just got into photography and got a good camera and lenses so my pictures are not that flashy, but I have an ocean wave breaking. This is my first week.

    For those who copy and paste:

    For clickers

  3. Becky Says:

    Those are very nice!

  4. Write From Karen Says:

    WOW!!! Your photos are amazing! Great job!

    And what a GREAT idea for a Ten on Tuesday! I hope you’ll do this one again because I didn’t have time to go through my photos and play along this go-around.

    Your son’s expression in the last picture is ADORABLE!!

  5. Jolene Says:

    Those are some seriously awesome shots. I envy your talent.

  6. Yano Says:

    Mine are up. On my REAL blog, that is…

  7. Patois Says:

    Your photos are purely amazing. The Caribbean Islands, the sunset and your two boys stand out in particular. Wow!

    I’m embarrassed that people will see your spectacular photos before seeing mine!

  8. Ang Says:

    Wow, those are fabulous pictures!

    Mine are up here. Nowhere near as good, though, but hey, I like them!

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Your pictures are GREAT!! Mine aren’t nearly as good, but they’re up, anyway!

  10. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. Says:

    Those are great photos!

    My 10 are up!

  11. Gabrielle Says:

    Up here.

  12. Tendrils Says:

    Mine are up! Great 10 on Tuesday! :)

  13. JennieBoo Says:

    I feel so inadequate. My pics are of what’s around me everyday. I am not so “Creative”, either….oh, well.

    LOVED your pics, especially of #10 “My Boys”, I’m such a sentimental sucker! Thanks for a fun and interesting “Ten on Tuesday”!


  14. SAP Says:

    My ten thousand words are posted.

  15. Hootin' Anni Says:

    This is my first time to do this weekly meme for Tuesday.

    Here’s the permalink for the ten photos of mine!!

    Click Here

  16. Jenny-up the hill Says:

    Your photos are wonderful!! Mine are up!

  17. Southern Girl Says:

    Outstanding photos! Mine, not nearly as good, are up, too. :)

  18. Bubba's Sis Says:

    Wow - GREAT photos! Mine are up on my blog….

  19. Moonfire Says:

    My photos are up! Yours are lovely :)

  20. Sandy Says:



  21. Nino Says:

    Wow Yano! I love your pictures! I had such a hard time picking mine, but they’re finally up.

  22. Julie Says:

    Beautiful photos! You should be a professional.

    My ten are up. Have a good week everybody!

  23. Alisa Says:

    All mine (except 1) were taken by me not as perfect some others but all special to me.

  24. Melody Says:

    Hi everyone! I’m a little late. Mine’s up. :D

  25. cjh Says:

    I wasn’t able to post this week but wanted to say how great yours are. Could I please be in that hammock in Aruba?

  26. karianne Says:

    This is my first week here and I’m so glad that I made it over. My fave pic of yours is the last one. They are wonderful

  27. Laura Says:

    Hey, better late than never! Mine are here. By the way, those are some AMAZING pictures you took - they seen like National Geographic images or something!

  28. Alice Teh Says:

    WOW!! Your shots are awesome! They’re beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Mine’s up here. :)

  29. Frances Says:

    Tried to comment like crazy on Tuesday, but it just wouldn’t take :( Love the pics - especially of your boys.
    Mine is up at:
    Waving at you from New York,