10 Songs That Make You Sad

May 15th, 2007 by Yano

1) On Bended Knee - Boyz II Men (Sad, but happy in a little way)
2) Can’t Cry Hard Enough - The Williams Brothers
3) How Great Thou Art
4) There You’ll Be - Faith Hill
5) Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

…I had a lot more in mind, but I’m in Canada right now and I’ve forgotten!

Next week: A Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Favorite Pics You’ve Taken

40 Responses to “10 Songs That Make You Sad”

  1. Jolene Says:

    #5 is definitely a tear-jerker. I can remember when it first came out after his son died. I like #4 too.

    Mine 10 are up.

  2. Julie Says:

    Mine are up :)
    I totally agree with Tears in Heaven. Wasn’t it written about his son?

  3. Domestic Geek Says:

    Mine are up here. This was a hard list to complete.

  4. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:

    Had mine up since last night (as I had to be at work at 6am). Just waiting for the list to reset this morning.

  5. Ang Says:

    I have to agree that this was a hard list to complete. I didn’t have trouble picking out the songs - it was trying not to cry while picking them out that was the problem for me!

    Anyway, my list is up here.

  6. Patois Says:

    Very depressing. I’ll be staying away from any form of music so I’m not tempted to find the tearful ones. My list is up, and it includes “Tears in Heaven,” too.

  7. rosh Says:

    Mine are up.

  8. Selena Kitt Says:

    I’m up… and now I’m sad :(

  9. Bubba's Sis Says:

    My first Ten on Tuesday list! It’s up!

    I had to whittle it down to only ten! Maybe I need to listen to cheerier music…

  10. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:

    Yes, Clapton’s son Connor fell from an upper-level window in their NYC apartment when the housekeeper left it open. I believe Connor was 4 at the time. Eric wrote two songs about the incident, the other called “The Circus Left Town” which I think was a reference to their having gone to the circus the day before the accident. “Tears in Heaven” was used in the Jason Gedrick/Jennifer Jason Leigh film Rush, which dealt with the tragic story of undercover narcotics officers who became users as part of their work. I believe both songs were on the Eric Clapton MTV Unplugged CD.

  11. Gabrielle Says:

    Up here.

  12. alisonwonderland Says:

    i put mine up late last night. what can i say? i like sad songs!

  13. ti'mo Says:

    Mine are up - great topic!

  14. Joker Says:

    Mine are up as well. An easier list then I expected, I also included as to why they make me do so

  15. JennieBoo Says:

    I agree with Ang, no trouble getting them up, but mid-way through I had to grab a tissue!

    Thanks for the “tear-jerker”. Sometimes, I need them.


  16. Tendrils Says:

    My list is up! Bring your Kleenex!

  17. Rebecca Says:

    Mine’s up! Tears in Heaven made my list, too!

  18. justsomegirl Says:

    mine are up. this was a tough one!

  19. Karen (Mommy of Three) Says:

    I too posted mine last night…enjoy!

  20. MrWhipee Says:

    Mine are up.

  21. Sonya Says:

    Mine are up!

  22. SAP Says:

    My sad little entries are posted.

  23. Julia Says:

    Happy Ten on Tuesday! Hope everyone have great day! Here is Mine! Scroll down to read mine at my blog :)

  24. meowminx Says:

    I havent played for a while, but mine are up! :)

  25. Laura Says:

    Mine are up! I uploaded the MP3s for each one too, because I’m cool like that. Get ‘em while they’re hot! (Meaning, before I delete them at bedtime tonight!)

  26. cmaine Says:

    Me oh My this was hard! I know them when I hear them, but to pull them out of the recesses of my misfiled, foggy brain is too much for me. I posted 9–it took too much research to get these!
    Interesting answers from the rest of the responders tho.

  27. Not Martha Says:

    Great theme!!! Next weeks is awesome too.

    Posted my list here.

  28. Cassie Says:

    Mine are up, I bet we all have Tears in Heaven on our lists!

  29. Cassie Says:

    OOOOPS I forgot to post that my TT are here

  30. BSL Says:

    Mine are up. I’m a relative newbie!

  31. Kitty Says:

    I missed the email last night, so mine are 10 on wednesday lol!

  32. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit Says:

    mine are up

  33. Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit Says:

    mine are up

  34. Cat, Says:

    I’m up. So many to choose from! Hope you’re having fun in Canada!!

  35. cjh Says:

    Mine are up (I could only come up with 7 of 10).

  36. Angela Says:

    Mine are up. :) Reading everyone else’s songs makes me want to hop on iTunes.

  37. Nino Says:

    I wasn’t going to… but here’s a few.

  38. Shannon Says:

    Mine are up…a day late. :)

  39. Erin Says:

    Mine are up in my journal: http://www.geocities.com/erinshideout

    There’s some major sadness going on there, LOL! I had to add 2 bonus songs. I just couldn’t narrow it down to 10, LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  40. Kiki Says:

    I didn’t realize just how many there were for me until I did this meme! Thanks!