10 Things I Hate Doing

August 15th, 2006 by Yano

1) Cleaning the bathroom, specifically the toilet and anything within a 12 inches of it
2) Taking out the trash
3) Planning parties or excursions. I hate being the one who has to coordinate everything, I’m horrible at it.
4) Flying out on Sundays for work
5) Teaching people I know - I’m harder on them and have less patience
6) Going to a party where I don’t know a lot of people
7) Killing any insect that’s bigger than my pinky nail
8) Shoveling snow
9) Getting sent out on an assignment and being unprepared because I wasn’t given enough time to prepare
10) Eating vegetables

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17 Responses to “10 Things I Hate Doing”

  1. Drew Vogel Says:

    1. Cutting my toenails
    2. Shoveling snow (good call, Yano)
    3. Giving blood or getting injections
    4. Walking into a spider web
    5. Sleeping through my alarm and starting my day behind schedule
    6. Going to the doctor
    7. Going to the dentist
    8. Going to the automobile repair shop
    9. Shoveling snow (good call, Yano)
    10. Losing my wallet or keys

  2. Anna Says:

    Mine’s up :)

  3. Living In Hormoney Says:

    10 on Tuesday

    10 Things I Hate Doing 1) Cleaning the oven 2) Ironing 3) Shoveling snow. 4) Winter driving (although it’s not as bad, now that I have my new Jeep) 5) Cleaning the litter box. 6) Vacuuming cat hair off the…

  4. Pixiespork Says:

    got my answers up! I liked this one!

  5. Jenny Says:

    My 1st try!

  6. Nancy Says:

    Let’s just say I started with weedeating and ended with high gas prices!

  7. -- a metamorphoself of gabrielle Says:

    Monday-Tuesday Memes

    10 Things You Hate Doing

    Being in a traffic jam
    Being lied
    Being forced
    Kissing one’s ass

    Miss Elaine

    The one household chore I don’t mind doing is washing the dishes.
    The l…

  8. Cat Says:

    My first 10 on Tuesday! :) GO ME!

  9. Julie Says:

    My first 10 at my new website! (switched over from ilovegoaliesplits at xanga over to blogger)

  10. Playing with Myself Says:

    Still haven’t had that exorcism

    For Tuesday, it’s 10 Things I Hate Doing Going to family reunions (I love you, but…) Trying to fall asleep without the tv on (yes, I realize there is probably some deep psychological significance to this) Returning books to the…

  11. Liz Says:

    Going up. :)

  12. tiffany Says:

    Mine are up, thanks!

  13. SAP Says:

    My answers are up.

  14. Cat. Says:

    My “bottom 10″ are posted on my blog.

  15. Denizzy Says:

    Mines Zup!

    Late as usual!

  16. Denizzy Says:

    Forgot to post my blog addy

  17. Eppy Says: