10 Living Role Models

June 19th, 2006 by Yano

1) Tiger Woods
2) Angelina Jolie (sure, she steals husbands, but she does a lot of great humanitarian work!)
3) Ellen Degeneres
4) Nancy Reagan
5) Bono
6) Oprah
7) Paul Newman
8) Bill and Melinda Gates
9) Joey Cheek
10) Margaret Cho

Sadly, I only could list celebrity role models…

Next week: 10 Fun Games (Boardgames, Party Games, etc)

7 Responses to “10 Living Role Models”

  1. Cat. Says:

    I’m up. This was HARD! :-)

  2. Jeauxdi Says:

    mine are up…

  3. Jeauxdi Says:

    mine are up…

  4. Elena Says:

    Good challenge!

  5. Liz Says:

    This took me a while, but mine are up. :)

  6. Henry Montemayor Says:

    mines up

    haha you lied you said REAL role models :P

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