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10 Best Moments of Last Year (optional: Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Best Pictures of Last Year)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I’m going to do the optional Photo 10 on Tuesday, since going through my Flickr photos from the year will be much easier than my blog posts!  I know that the Christmas theme is still up - I’ll get rid of it when I have a chance!

1) Close up. The cashier at Target said, “He’s a cutie pie - such adorable beady little eyes!” Is that a compliment?

2) Chocolate cupcakes with coffee cream cheese frosting. This year, I learned to love to bake. I have gotten over my fear of the kitchen and exact measurements and have learned to cook with my senses, not my brain.

3) Some of the best times are some of the quietest. Here’s a captured moment between father and son

4) Bizarro Superman - Every year I attend a comic book convention, and it’s always a great place to play with my camera.

5) Finally got a nice zoom/macro lens (not REALLY nice, but nice enough for my price range). If I had a regular zoom camera, I’d be sweating and ready to run while getting this close to take a picture. But with my new macro? Just a bead of sweat and visions of this thing flying into my hair. Not as bad.

6) Aquaman’s Wedding - I j just love the lighting in this picture.
7) The photo is blurry, the faces a little flushed from beer, but I love this picture because this is the best set of ex-coworkers you’ll ever have.  It’s been years since we’ve all worked together, but we still love getting together again.
8) Made this for my cousin’s birthday. Don’t know where the idea of using almond slivers for wings came from, but I was might proud of these little guys!

9) Pregame - We have season tickets to the Bulls this year.  Even though the team sucks, they’ve got one hell of a pregame show!
10) This was one of those moments that could only be caught on film. My son was fidgety and didn’t want to post for a picture with his grandmother, so she started tickling him, which resulted in this picture.

Next week: 10 Movies That Disappointed You

10 Predictions for the New Year

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!

1) Britney Spears will have another child

2) The Bulls will turn around and have a great year

3) We will move even further out into the suburbs

4) The Bears will make the playoffs

5) Ben will be potty trained

6) There will be controversy in the Presidential race

7) One of my fish will die (I am a very bad tropical fish owner)

8)  I will get a Wii

9) I WILL get all of my wedding photos scanned and posted

10) The opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics will  be INCREDIBLE

Next week: 10 Best Moments of Last Year (optional:  Photo 10 on Tuesday - 10 Best Pictures of Last Year)