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10 Things You’d Save in a Fire

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Two weeks ago we had a tornado warning, severe enough for the Emergency Broadcasting System breaking into my cable and telling everyone that there was a funnel cloud spotted and to get in our basements for cover. The tornado never touched down, so fortunately we were safe.

That, of course, was my inspiration for today’s Ten on Tuesday, which includes some of the items that I ran around the house to retrieve during the 4 minutes I had between the time I got the warning and the estimated time that the tornado would have hit.

1) My backup CD’s of my photos
2) My wedding ring (I don’t currently wear it, so it’s stashed in a hiding place)
3) My home videos (they’re all clean - most of them are of my son, though I did throw in my sister’s wedding videos)
4) My camera
5) My Ben box…it has a whole bunch of important documents and Ben-related things
6) My glasses, because I’ll have to take off my contacts sometime!
7) My laptop - I’ve got a lot of important crap in there
8) My wedding pictures - I haven’t had time to scan them into digital format, so they’re in two huge albums
9) My sketchbooks - I’ve had a lot of artists do sketches for me, and some of them are pretty priceless
10) My makeup bag - I’m a big makeup fiend, and I wouldn’t know offhand what color of everything I have so it would be tough to recreate all the stuff I have

FYI - I know we had this topic before, but it’s been awhile!

Next week: 10 Cities You Could Live In (for a month, for a year…if you couldn’t live in your own)