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10 Things You’ve Been Putting Off

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Most of the things I have put off have to do with cleaning and organizing…it just takes up so much time!

1) Scanning in my wedding picture
2) Cleaning my closet
3) Exercise
4) Cleaning out the interior of my car
5) A visit to the dentist
6) Organizing my CD/mp3 collection
7) Cleaning the fish tank
8) Sending my friend’s baby present
9) Buy a new flash
10) Get a passport for Ben

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10 Things You Do When You Have Nothing Else to Do

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

1) Surf the Internet
2) Sort my photographs
3) Sleep
4) Watch movies on On Demand
5) Take pictures of Ben
6) Go to the Zoo (I’m a member, so it’s free)
7) Sort my comics
8) Bake
9) Make new layouts for my website
10) …and when I REALLY have nothing to do….Clean!

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10 Cities You Could Live In

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

10 Cities You Could Live In (for a month, for a year…if you couldn’t live in your own)

1) San Francisco - My favorite non-Chicago city. There’s so much culture, life and personality in this city. I love the feel of it.
2) Seattle - Another city with a personality that I love. Also, being in the greater Northwest, the city is so beautiful and green. I don’t care about the fact that there aren’t a lot of sunny days…I’ll just get a sunlamp for inside the house.
3) Wailea, Hawaii - I love Hawaii, and it was a tough choice to choose one place. I chose Wailea on the island of Maui because it was really beautiful there and it’s got some great beaches
4) Long Beach, CA - I know a lot of people think that Long Beach is ghetto, but there’s actually some really nice parts to it. We lived there before and I wouldn’t mind living there again.
5) Vancouver - for many of the reasons I chose Seattle….plus, it’s in Canada, so I don’t have to worry about American politics!
6) Denver, CO - Great city, a lot to do, and there’s a lot of sporting activities that can be done.
7) Orlando, FL - Why? Because I love Disneyworld! I’d get a season pass and go every weekend!
8) Salt Lake City, UT - Even though their weird alcohol laws count against it, it’s a beautiful city, with some great and friendly people. Also, there’s a lot of places to snowboard.
9) Toronto - I love the downtown area and the vibe of the city
10) Santa Monica, CA - Because it’s a damn cool place to live…right by the beach, the Promenade, there’s a lot to do here!

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