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Ten Things You Will NEVER Do Again…

Monday, August 6th, 2007

1) Jump into a pool without seeing how deep it is - When I was on a highschool trip, we headed out to the hotel pool. Everyone jumped in, and so did I, assuming that the side closest to the entrance was the shallow end. I was surprised when my foot didn’t touch the pool bottom and had to be saved by a girl I didn’t get along with. Oh, did I mention that I don’t know how to swim? :-P
2) Buy generic cotton swabs - they just don’t feel the same as Q-Tips….

3) Assume that a bacon and cheese quiche is custard pie - I have no idea why I thought it would be custard pie, but my mouth was anticipating a sweet treat when it was shocked by the saltiness of the bacon and cheese. Not a pleasant surprise!

4) Go parasailing - Yeah, it was cool that we got to have a bird’s eye view of Aruba, but the rockiness of the ride made me want to puke.

5) Watch a scary movie by myself - I’m a chicken!

6) Drink a Prairie Fire - a shot of tequila with several shakes of Tobasco Sauce

7) Leave home without extra batteries for my camera - in the past I’ve had a whole bunch of “Aww, I wish I had my camera!” moments

8) Go to school - I hate school, sitting in a classroom and learning. I’d rather just learn things on my own, at my own pace.



Hmm…I could only come up with 8…

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