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10 Countries You’d Like to Visit

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

1) Greece - I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology, so I’d love to see the ancient ruins there.
2) Japan - I was there once on a stopover, but not long enough to see the culture. I’d love to see the modern and traditional Japan. It’s a country that is way ahead in some aspects, yet still keeps a lot of its history and past.
3) Egypt - Just like Greek Mythology has intrigued me, so does ancient Egypt. To see the pyramids is a big dream of mine.
4) Brazil - My cousin’s husband is from there, and he always talks about it. I’d love to see the beaches and rainforests.
5) Italy - A country full of beautiful architecture, art and food. What more could a girl ask for?
6) Sweden - I’d just love to see what it would be like to live here, they’re so progressive in their way of life and thinking.
7) China - I’d love to see the Great Wall…I’m sure there will be a lot of changes going on there with the Olympics so near
8) Monaco - Just to see what the big deal is with this mini-country
9) Vatican City - I’d like to check out this new Pope guy. Sorry, but to me, Pope John Paul II will always be the pope to me…
10) England - Because my favorite prince is Harry….:-P

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10 Nicest Things That People Have Done for You

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

After thinking about this topic, I realized that my life is chock full of wonderful things that people have done for me, friends, family, strangers passing through my life. Sometimes it’s big things, sometimes it’s little gestures that make such an impact on me…So I decided to give a sampling of awesome things that people have done in my life lately…

1) An old lady gave me a $25 gift certificate when I was in line at Express, telling me it wasn’t her type of store and she saw that I had an armload of clothing

2) Michael Turner, my favorite comic book artist, was on the same flight as me to LA. We talked at the airport a little bit, and then got on the plane. As when I got off the plane, he had actually waited for me and walked with me to baggage claim. He didn’t have to wait for me or even talk to me at all, so I really appreciated it.

3) My brother in law Dan got me Cubs tickets this year because I was too busy working to wait in the virtual waiting room for them.

4) Anyone who holds a door open for me when I have Ben in a stroller is a saint. I never realized how difficult it is to maneuver around with strollers until I actually had one!

5) My relatives (aunts, uncles and cousins) who, without fail, always bring food to whatever party I’m throwing, causing enough leftovers for all the young’uns who don’t cook to bring home with them when the party is over

6) The Cajudo brothers and Rusty letting me be a part of their short track documentary, giving me experiences that I will never forget

7) Hawaiian Sam, who sent me an awesome care package from Hawaii, chock full of chocolate macadamia nuts, comic stuff, hurricane popcorn, jams, and cool LOST related stuff

8) My wonderful friend who gave a HUGE donation when I did the Blogathon several years ago

9) My client and his wife, who volunteered to drive me to the airport, going totally out of their way and through rush hour traffic to get me there on time

10) My other clients, who gave me a t-shirt and talking stuffed monkey for Ben’s first birthday

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10 Favorite Movies from Your Childhood

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I’m not sure what age the cutoff for my “childhood” is, but I’ll just list down the movies that I remember fondly from my youth:

1) The Breakfast Club
2) The Karate Kid
3) Star Wars
4) E.T.
5) Clash of the Titans
6) Watership Down
7) Fantasia
8) Grease
9) The Dark Crystal
10) A Christmas Story

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