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10 Things You Love About Springtime

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I felt it was time that we got a new layout…hope you all like it!

I want to try something new this week…we’ve got a lot of new players (where are you all coming from?!?) so I thought it would be nice if you’re playing to either go to the site of someone else who has commented and leave a comment on their site, or just choose a random link on the sidebar and give another blog some comment lovin’!

1) Easter Egg Hunts
2) Thunderstorms
3) Blossoming trees
4) Wearing lighter jackets
5) Tax refunds
6) Tulips
7) Cinco de Mayo
8) Beginning of the blockbuster movie season
9) Baseball season starts
10) My birthday!

Next week: 10 Highschool Memories