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Top 10 Things You Like to Do Alone

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

This week’s topic suggested by Karen. Remember, I’m always open to new topics. I might start rehashing old ones, too…

Once again, I haven’t got alot of time, so here’s a couple off the top of my head:

1) Shop
2) Read
3) Drive

Next week: 10 Political Figures, and What You Think of Them

10 Idols/Heroes When You Were a Kid

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

1) Scott Baio - I was a Happy Days freak, I used to pretend I was married to him
2) The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders - Blonde, Athletic and Beautiful…They were the American Dream
3) Wonder Woman - I loved her so much that I was her for Halloween for two years in a row
4) Michael J. Fox - he was so quirky and cute!
5) Ralph Macchio - I watched the Karate Kid, like, 100 times
6) Christopher Reeve - Never will there be a better Superman to me
7) Princess Leia - One of the reasons I wished I had long hair - so I could make those cinnamon roll things she had on her head
8) Pat Benatar - She was a tough, beautiful rocker chick. One of my favorite music videos ever was “Love is a Battlefield”
9) Michael Jackson - Back when he was a great singer and semi-normal, I sat in front of the TV and crossed my fingers during the whole Grammy awards hoping he’d win
10) Davey Jones, from the Monkees - What a cutie pie! Too bad he didn’t age all that well…

Next Week: Top 10 Things You Like to Do Alone

10 Highschool Memories

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

1) Going to Disneyland with the band
2) Cruising around in Maui’s car
3) Band - a ton of memories with band…I’m a band geek for life!
4) Being asked by my gym teacher to join the track team
5) Doing artwork on the side for my English teacher
6) Being a part of musicals

There’s a ton more, but I have a meeting in 10 minutes!

Next week: 10 Idols/Heroes When You Were a Kid