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10 Movies That Have Made You Cry

Monday, February 5th, 2007

1) Rudy - I cried several times, and still cry each time I see it
2) Fantastic Four - I was pregnant!
3) Boys on the Side - A very underrated movie
4) Mr. Hollands Opus - I’m a band geek, what can I say?
5) Armageddon - He did it so his little girl would be happy! Wah!
6) Beaches - Ahh, friendship
7) The Little Mermaid - “I love you, Daddy” Wahhh!!!
8) A Walk to Remember/The Notebook/Message in a Bottle - Damn you, Nicolas Sparks! Damn you!
9) Steel Magnolias - During the saddest part of the movie, someone in the room farted - if not for that, I definitely would have cried.
10) The Lakehouse - When you realize what’s about to happen, you shout to the sky, “WHY! WHY GOD, WHY?!?!”

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