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10 Great Commercials

Monday, July 25th, 2005

1) The commercial where they herd cats - it played at theSuperbowl several years ago.
2) The Budweiser Donkey Clydesdale commercial
3) The Gatorate 23 vs. 45 commercial - the young Michael Jordan against the old one
4) The Coca Cola Mean Joe Green commercial, where he gives his jersey to a little kid that gives him a Coke
5) The Budweiser frogs - Bud…..Wise……Errrrrr.
6) The Eagleman Commercial - I think it’s only local to Chicago, but I love it when the eagle lays an egg….”Oooh, look at those low rates!”
7) Pets dot com - “because pets can’t drive”, when they start playing Chicago’s “If you leave me now” and show a turtle crying, I just have to start laughing
8) The guy who’s making spaghetti for his girlfriend, but accidentally drops it on the cat as she walks in. I don’t remember what it’s for, but it was funny.
9) Nike’s “if you let me play sports” campaign for female athletes
10) Any Hallmark commercial

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10 Countries You’d Like to Visit

Monday, July 18th, 2005

I’ll name countries I haven’t been to yet.

1) Greece
2) Italy
3) Thailand
4) Australia
5) Japan
6) Egypt
7) Israel
8) Brazil
9) Peru
10) China

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10 People Who Inspire You

Monday, July 11th, 2005

…in no particular order. This was a pretty tough list to make. I’ve decided to do people who are currently alive, because to include people in past would make it all too easy.

1) My sisters and father - we’ve been through a lot and their strength helps be overcome a lot
2) Dave, my husband - he’s works so hard to get where he is right now, and made a lot of sacrifices
3) Lance Armstrong - he said he would overcome cancer and race again, and he did
4) My best friend Jaygee - She left her job, her family, and her hometown to follow her dreams to be a performer
5) Bill Clinton - Even after being president, he does so much for charity and is still very respected by people in the world
6) Nancy Reagan - She is just amazing, with all that she’s been through she has handled it all with grace
7) My ex-coworker Vlad - gave up a great job to open up a coffee house and live the American Dream
8) Bill Gates - for reasons I don’t have to explain
9) Oprah Winfrey - everything she touches turns to gold
10) Angelina Jolie - I’m gonna get crap for this, I’m sure, but aside from the Brad Pitt thing, she has done so much for the United Nations as an ambassador overseas

A pretty lackluster list, I know, but I know I’m missing a lot of people!

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