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Ten Things You’d Save if Your House Was on Fire

Tuesday, September 7th, 2004

1) My Digital Camera
2) My Wedding Pictures
3) My stash of backup CD’s from my computer (files, pictures, etc)
4) My wedding ring
5) My comfy Gap track pants (they don’t make ‘em anymore and I live in those things)
6) My box of pictures from highschool and college
7) Comics. After thinking about this, I just may lock ‘em up (the good ones, anyway) in a fireproof box.
8) My sketchbook with art collected of the last 5 years
9) My memory box (has cards, ticket stubs, letters, etc)
10) My wedding dress

Next Week: 10 Favorite Computer Programs/Games

I’m running out of ideas! Got a good 10 on Tuesday? Mail me your suggestions at missyano[at]aol[dot]com.