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10 Favorite Childhood Books

Monday, August 30th, 2004

I was a real bookworm as a kid, always hanging out at the library, eating up every new book that they had. I pretty read every Nancy Drew and Choose Your Own Adventure book that they had…

Which brings me to this week’s topic:

10 Favorite Childhood Books

1) The Chronicles of Narnia
2) The Glass Slipper
3) The Secret Garden
4) A Little Princess
5) Bunnicula
6) Grimm’s Fairy Tales
7) My little Illustrated Bible Story book
8) Encyclopedia Brown books
9) Anything by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary
10) Where the Wild Things Are

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10 Sports That Should Be In the Olympics

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Ahh, can’t get enough of those Olympics! But the Olympics could be more, so much more! If they can have something in there like the trampoline, maybe they’ll be open to some other sports. Have any suggestions?

10 Sports That Should Be In the Olympics

1. Ping Pong
2. Bowling
3. Billiards/Pool
4. Golf
5. American Football (so there’s another sport that the rest of the world can beat us at)
6. Shuffleboard
7. Ironman Triathalon
8. Dodgeball
9. Polo
10. Rugby

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10 Memorable Olympic Moments

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

Sorry for missing last week…I’ve been super busy!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that the Olympics is going on for the next two weeks (unless you’re in Greece - no one seems to know that it’s happening there!) The Olympics is so great to watch - it’s full of incredible stories and wonderful moments. So of course, this week’s theme is:

10 Memorable Olympic Moments

1) Nadia Comanici’s perfect 10
2) Bela Karoli carrying Kerri Strug after her vault
3) Greg Louganis cutting his head open after hitting the platform, and STILL wins the gold
4) The dude that lit the torch with an arrow
5) US Men’s hockey beating the Soviets in ‘80
6) Muhammad Ali lighting the torch
7) Apolo Ohno getting a silver, even after falling in a race
8) Dan Jansen wins his gold
9) Michelle Kwan misses the gold for the 10 millionth time
10) Rulan Gardner’s cartwheel of victory

I know some of you did this one already, so if you’d like, I have an alternative one:

10 Favorite Olympians

Next week:

10 Sports That Should Be In the Olympics