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Ten Things That Annoy You When You Drive

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Summer’s here, and that means road trips, driving with your window open, and hot and heavy traffic. I’m from California, and almost every time I’m on the road I’ve got a gripe about someone or something…What annoys you the most when you’re on the road?

1) When all lanes are blocked by cars going the same speed - 10 mph slower than I want to go
2) People who don’t signal when switching lanes
3) People who leave their blinker on after switching lanes (I’m never happy)
4) Premature breakers - people who break at every chance, even worse when they break hard
5) When you go into the express/carpool lane, and find that the regular lanes are going faster than you
6) Passing the last restroom for 40 miles and realizing that you have to go to the bathroom
7) Getting to a toll and realizing that you have no change
8) Eating while driving and dropping food, like a fry or something, then realizing that you’ll have to find it later, knowing that you’re going to forget and it’s going to rot in your car forever.
9) When someone screams in the car, for any reason. You DON’T scream in the car unless we’re going to get in a bad accident. You’ll freak me out.
10) When there are several streets in the same area with the same name - ‘Wilson Lane’, ‘Wilson Court’, ‘Wilson Street’.

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Ten Favorite Drinks

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004

Summer is coming up and the heat can really make you thirsty. So this week’s theme is your favorite drinks, whether it’s alcoholic, frozen, or something you can only find at your favorite restaurant…

1. Coca Cola
2. Bailey’s Ice Cream Shake - H