10 Things on My “To Do” List

Finally updated my page layout…I’m getting better and better at vectoring (yes, I did all the grass in the header) and it’s getting to be a lot of fun, though pretty time consuming! Anyway, go ahead and use the navigation bar to change it to the new layout (go to the YWIM default or “Spring” if you want to see it).

Also, here’s my 10 on Tuesday for this week:

I’ve got a million and one “projects” that I have started and haven’t finished, or that I haven’t started at all…here’s a couple of them…

1. Scanning our wedding photos - from 6 years ago
2. Putting together a baby album for Ben - who’s turning 3
3. Organizing all my mp3’s
4. Working on my digital painting skillz
5. Getting together some photography samples for business cards
6. Finishing up my family tree
7. Burn old VCR tapes to DVD
8. Make green tea cupcakes with green tea cream cheese frosting
9. Get new glasses
10. Exercise

Save Some Money!

It’s funny that I’m the one who runs the 10 on Tuesday meme, but I rarely ever post my answers on my blog! I’m trying to be more blog-conscious (I admit, other things are currently taking up my time which I will share with you all in other blog posts) but I want to make sure I don’t forget about my little home on the web. So here’s this week’s topic - 10 ways to save money:

  1. Unplug your cell phone charger when you’re not using it - it still uses power even though the phone isn’t collected
  2. Don’t leave the faucet on when you’re brushing your teeth
  3. Coupons!
  4. Start braking for lights early and don’t press on your gas pedal too hard
  5. Instead of buying bottled water all the time, get a reusable water bottle and get a water filter for your tap
  6. Get a library card instead of purchasing books…many of them also have DVDs to borrow, as well as current magazines
  7. Use energy efficient light bulbs - they may not look nice in all your light fixtures, but use them where you can
  8. Take part in your company’s 401K. It sounds scary now, but it will work out in the long run.
  9. Shop online - many stores offer free shipping, sometimes you don’t have to pay sales tax, and you don’t have to waste gas driving around. Also, you can comparison shop online to see which site has the best deal.
  10. Go to the grocery store right after eating. You’ll spend less on food AND you’ll lose weight

Have a good Wednesday!

10 Superstitions, Traditions, and/or Personality Quirks

I have no idea why I started doing some of the things that are on this list - maybe things that people told me when I was little that I just never stopped doing. Some are superstitions, some are just little quirky things I do…

  1. I always cross my fingers when passing by a cemetary
  2. When I order fries with my meal at a restaurant, I line up several fries in a queue line to cool off before I eat them
  3. Out family tradition is going to midnight mass on Christmas eve and opening our presents afterwards
  4. Every winter, I push my sister into the snow in front of our house. Several years ago, I hadn’t realized that my father planted a tree in front of the house and that the brick border was hidden under the snow. With that said, my sister still feels pain in her ribs whenever the weather turns bad. I’m such a mean sister.
  5. I always set my alarm 30 minutes before I have to wake up, because I’ll always snooze the alarm - for an hour. Which makes half an hour late for everything
  6. Whenever I travel for work, I wear a locket with a picture of my son Ben in it
  7. All of my comic books have to be bagged and boarded
  8. I cannot have long fingernails. The clackety clack sound they make on my keyboard drives me crazy
  9. I always wear new clothes on New Year’s Eve
  10. I only use Q-Tips, any other kind of cotton swab isn’t good enough for me.

10 Favorite Actors/Actresses

As the admin for Ten on Tuesday, I’m ashamed that I don’t post it more on my main site! Anyway, here’s this week’s topic!

In no particular order, and for a variety of reasons - I’ll keep my list to actors that are currently working:

1. Morgan Freeman - has been excellent in pretty much every movie I’ve seen him in
2. Natalie Portman - a classiness and a talent we haven’t seen since Audrey Hepburn
3. Angelina Jolie - immense talent, and an incredible humanitarian off-screen
4. Brad Pitt - not the greatest actor of our time, not even close, but dammit, he looks good!
5. Russell Crowe - he brings something new into every role he’s in
6. Nicole Kidman - she’s become much more likable to me since she split from Tom, and, it seems, a much better actress
7. Laura Linney - the most underrated actress out there
8. Meryl Streep - she can do it all: drama, comedy, and coming soon - musicals!
9. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson - someone’s gotta take Ahhhnold’s place, and I think that The Rock is perfect
10. Johnny Depp - who would have thought that ‘the pretty boy’ from 21 Jump Street would grow up to be such an accomplished actor?

Wordless Wednesday

More Wordless Wednesday.

Ten New Year’s Resolutions

Some are the same as last year, some are modified a little bit…

1) Exercise more
2) Scan all my old pictures
3) Answer my cell phone
4) Spend more time reading and playing with Ben
5) Become a better photographer
6) Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night
7) Organize my stuff better for work
8) Get rid of my credit card debt
9) Draw again
10) Make work less of a priority and family more: take more vacations, not get so stressed over work

I’ve done a lot of reflection on my life this year, and I know that there are a lot of changes I need to make. I do not like how I was year. I do not like the person I had become - preoccupied, easily irritated, distant, sensitive, stressed out. Anyone who had talked to me this year knows that I had one major complaint, something alluded to in my resolutions for next year. I’ve taken steps to change it already, hopefully next year, I’ll have something else to talk about when I get into conversation with friends and family.

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

  1. A great, loving family
  2. My little baby boy
  3. Several aspects of my job - the people I work with, job security, my promotion and raise
  4. Having a great vacation
  5. New camera equipment - I got a couple new lense and flash. I’ll be a photo monster this year!
  6. My awesome house
  7. The internet
  8. My health
  9. The Sprout Network - Ben loves it, and it give sme a couple minutes to do housework
  10. Mineral powder foundation - a couple sweeps with a brush makes me feel made up, but not too made up for the day

10 Television Shows You’d Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD

After looking at my list, I realize that I’m pretty geek-a-licious

1) Angel
2) Wonderfalls
3) xena: Warrior Princess (do they have that on DVD yet?)
4) Heroes
5) LOST (the last season)
6) Battlestar Gallactica
7) Miracles 8) Twin Peaks
9) Quantum Leap
10) The X-Files

These are all actually DVD’s that I want. I already have Buffy, Smallville, Three’s Company (not mine, but Dave’s), LOST, the Office, and Firefly…

Monday’s a B1tch

I’ve been wanting to start blogging regularly again…so here’s a weekly meme to brush off the blogging rust:

Monday’s a B1tch

1.Which category of Trivial Pursuit would you say you’re most knowledgeable in?
Science. I always loved landing on green and always tried calculating my moves so that I could get to the science category.

2.Did you go to your High School Prom? What was it like?
Yes, I did. It was fun. There were a lot of snobby popular girls nominated for Prom Queen, but the perfect person won - a girl who was popular, kind hearted and gorgeous. I had designed my dress, and let me tell you, in hindsight it was awful - think metallic black and magenta ruffles. Ick!

3.If you were one of the five senses which would you be?
Sight. I’m a visual person. I understand things better by seeing them, and I teach better using visual diagrams.

4.Have you ever gone downhill skiing?
Yes, though I prefer snowboarding more. I feel like I have more control and I can start and stop whenever I want to. It’s a lot more fun, too!

5.What’s your favourite kind of nut?
It’s a toss up between the cashew and the macadamia nut. Cover up a macadamia nut in chocolate or coffee and it’s delicious. Put some salt on a cashew, and it’s yum city!

10 Nicest Things That People Have Done for You

After thinking about this topic, I realized that my life is chock full of wonderful things that people have done for me, friends, family, strangers passing through my life. Sometimes it’s big things, sometimes it’s little gestures that make such an impact on me…So I decided to give a sampling of awesome things that people have done in my life lately…

1) An old lady gave me a $25 gift certificate when I was in line at Express, telling me it wasn’t her type of store and she saw that I had an armload of clothing

2) Michael Turner, my favorite comic book artist, was on the same flight as me to LA. We talked at the airport a little bit, and then got on the plane. As when I got off the plane, he had actually waited for me and walked with me to baggage claim. He didn’t have to wait for me or even talk to me at all, so I really appreciated it.

3) My brother in law Dan got me Cubs tickets this year because I was too busy working to wait in the virtual waiting room for them.

4) Anyone who holds a door open for me when I have Ben in a stroller is a saint. I never realized how difficult it is to maneuver around with strollers until I actually had one!

5) My relatives (aunts, uncles and cousins) who, without fail, always bring food to whatever party I’m throwing, causing enough leftovers for all the young’uns who don’t cook to bring home with them when the party is over

6) The Cajudo brothers and Rusty letting me be a part of their short track documentary, giving me experiences that I will never forget

7) Hawaiian Sam, who sent me an awesome care package from Hawaii, chock full of chocolate macadamia nuts, comic stuff, hurricane popcorn, jams, and cool LOST related stuff
8) My wonderful friend who gave a HUGE donation when I did the Blogathon several years ago

9) My client and his wife, who volunteered to drive me to the airport, going totally out of their way and through rush hour traffic to get me there on time

10) My other clients, who gave me a t-shirt and talking stuffed monkey for Ben’s first birthday

This is only a little cross section…from big things to little things that have been done for me. Its interesting how the thoughtfulness of other people can lighten my spirits and bring me up when I’m full of self pity and wondering if anyone out there cares…