It’s MINE!

Lotus (51/365), originally uploaded by Yano.

I love it!

Christmas Card Outtakes

Christmas Card Outtakes, originally uploaded by Yano.

Every year I take Benjamin’s Christmas card photo because I’m too cheap to get something professionally done. Ben knows how to smile on cue, but it’s not the most natural smile - so I tried making him laugh naturally. It took 100 shots for me to get “the” shot, which made for a lot of rejected pictures! Enjoy!


Mini-Cheesecakes (11/365), originally uploaded by Yano.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I currently have a new addiction which is taking up a lot of my free time.

Anyway, I never posted pictures of the food I made for Thanksgiving. I didn’t really take too many pictures, so I don’t know if I’ll post the other foods, but I definitely wanted to post this one! Here’s my mini-cheesecakes, some have blueberry toppings, some have cherry. They were absolutely delicious, and I may just make some to keep in my fridge when I need an extra special treat!

All He Wants for Christmas Is…

Helping with the Lights (10/365), originally uploaded by Yano.

The other day we asked Ben what he wanted for Christmas. We expected him to mention cars, puzzles, blocks, or even candy. But he thought about it for a moment, and said, “Lights!” He wasn’t referring to your average house lights - he was talking about Christmas lights, which he absolutely loves. So last week, Dave and his father put up our outside Christmas lights (which we didn’t put up last year because of too much early snow) to fulfill Ben’s Christmas wish. He loved seeing the lights, even more once the sun went down.

Now that his first Christmas wish has come true, he’s asking for the Mickey Mouse racetrack…we’ll see about that!

Seen at the Flower Stand

Seen at the Flower Stand, originally uploaded by Yano.

Posted this picture on my Flickr account…it’s gotten on their “Explore” pages for the week, which is a pretty cool honor. We were at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica and I stopped by to take some pictures at the flower stand. Not sure if these things are flowers - more like sticks, but that’s what makes them so interesting.

FYI - I did a lot of post processing on this - punched up the blues in the original (which more yellow-reddish) to give it this magenta feel. However, other than the color changes, the soft colors on the back were in the original.

The Gentle Smile

The Gentle Smile, originally uploaded by Yano.

In most pictures, Ben has a crazy ass smile, full of teeth, and his eyes get all squinty. However, he knows the difference between a regular and smile and what we call the “gentle smile”, which you can see here.

Bokeh Wednesday: Traveling Ball

Traveling Ball, originally uploaded by Yano.

This was a moving sculpture at the children’s museum. It kept Ben entertained for about 15 minutes, which is a pretty long time.

Nothin’ But Net

Nothin’ But…, originally uploaded by Yano.

Almost done processing the 300+ pictures from Alaska. I just got Adobe Lightroom and I’m having way too much tweaking and playing.

Not sure how productive I’ll be tonight, though, with the premieres of Dancing with the Stars and Heroes on at the same time. Heroes will have to be DVR’d since Dave and Ben both like DWTS (Dave for Brooke Burke and Ben for the fancy dancing). I’m curious to see how Kim Kardashian does, considering she’s done NOTHING, and I’m excited to see Warren Sapp show his moves. Though I wonder if DWTS has jumped the shark, considering TV show poison Ted McGinley has joined the cast. No offense to Ted - I loved him on “The Love Boat” for as long as the show lasted with him on it.

As for Heroes, I just want to know who’s alive and who’s dead! I’ve seen pictures of cast members on the set who are supposedly dead (or who we assume are dead) so I wanna know what the truth is. It’s been so long since this show has been on that I’ve almost forgotten what’s happened. And PLEASE, let’s not let Hiro jump around in the past anymore. He was so fun and endearing the first season, and ultimately boring the last. I want to love this show again!

Zoo Flower

Zoo Flower, originally uploaded by Yano.

The Anchorage Zoo was full of beautiful flowers. It was raining that day, and there was a drop of rain coming off this one.

Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

The Next Generation

The Next Generation, originally uploaded by Yano.

At family parties, all the aunties and uncles always bring out the mah jong tables and playing. Last week, the kiddies got their own table to play with!

I’ve got about 2000 pictures to sort through from my Alaska trip…it’s going to take some time!