Love at First Sight

Dave’s cell phone finally crapped out, not allowing anyone on the other end to hear what he was saying. It’s several years old, and the antenna had been broken, the front display all weird and psychedelic, and it was not allowing him to text message. So we headed out to the store to go and find him a nice, cheap replacement. Because he doesn’t really browse the internet, he doesn’t take pictures, he has an iPod, so he doesn’t really need a lot of bells and whistles. The main requirement was that it was small enough that he could use it for work and that he could do text messaging because I’m tired of getting his voicemail message when he’s in a part of the hospital with no signal.

So we were at the store and debating on a couple simple flip phones that were similar to the one he already has. I was curious about what other phones are out now, and thinking that it’s about time that I consider changing my phone, when I came across this little beauty, the LG Lotus:

LG Lotus

I loved it as soon as I saw it. A voice in my head screamed, “YOU WILL BE MINE! YOU MUST BE MINE!”. It was so pretty and purple, with a QWERTY keyboard and a lovely, bright display screen. I touched it, to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I stood there testing out my texting skills, seeing what the internet looked like on it, pretending like it was mine already. Then Dave came by, looked at it, and said, “Ohh, that’s cool! I think that would be perfect for me!” That voice inside me growled, like a lioness guarding her cubs, “Don’t touch her! She’s MINE! MINE, I SAY!” but I managed to say, “Oh, really? Howabout the other phones?”

“This one is a lot thinner, and it’s got a keyboard that will be easier to text with. It’s so light, too!”

Hmm. I replied, “But it’s purple. With flowers.”

“Well, they probably have it in other colors, don’t you think?” he said.

“I don’t know…it might just be in purple.” I said.

So Dave asked the sales guy if it came in any other colors, and was told that it comes in black. “I’ll take that one!” Dave said…

“The black one doesn’t have flowers, does it?” I asked, because really, they could have had a black version with flowers. Dave and the sales guy thought my question was laughable. Really, they laughed out loud.

So Dave bought my dream phone. But my heart will go on - I’m going back there tomorrow to get the sweet purple version. I just need to get all my old texts and stuff off my current phone.

Ahh, my current phone…My precious little MotoQ. He’s been a great little guy. He’ll probably be going to my mother-in-law (unless one of you guys has Sprint and wants to buy him off me)

Mmmm….I can’t wait til I get my new phone!

My Latest Addiction


I am addicted to a Japanese fashion virtual dress up site called PoupéeGirl. I was introduced to Poupée by someone follow on DeviantArt who had asked if anyone had an account and I was curious what it was she was talking about. Basically, it’s a site where you get your own avatar/doll that you can dress up in different outfits.

Before I go on, let me state that I’m probably one of the most unfashionable people out there. Outside of my collection of lipglosses, I really don’t keep up with the latest trends or wear “cool” clothes. My work outfit consists of a t-shirt and lounge pants since I work at home, and if I do go out, it’s usually in a t-shirt and jeans.

But this site is totally addicting. To start, you get to pick out characteristics for your doll - eyes, hair, skin color…very much like creating a Mii avatar for the Wii. After that, you can dress up your doll - to start off with, they give you some basics…slim jeans, white blouse, black pumps, slim black skirt, etc. There are several ways you can get more clothes - by uploading pictures of fashion items (shirts, hats, makeup, shoes, etc) that belong to you, purchasing items in the market where people are selling clothes they don’t want, or exchanging shells that you get when visiting other user’s profiles. Poupée has it’s own currency, called “ribbons”. You get ribbons for dressing your avatar every day, commenting on other user’s uploaded items, selling the items your don’t need anymore, or, if you’re desperate, you can buy them. You can then use these ribbons to buy clothes - either from the market or from the shop that has really nice items for a limited time (they just had a kimono event - which is what my Poupée is wearing). I admit…I’ve purchased ribbons - not only do you get ribbons, but you get bonuses when you purchase. Pretty smart business people, whoever started this Poupée.

Here’s a few of the outfits that my Poupée has worn so far (I’ve been a member since late November):


Now the hardest thing with the site (other than wanting to buy EVERYTHING in the market and not having enough ribbons) is that since it’s a Japanese company, a lot of the site is in Japanese. They’ve been slowly translating the site to English since they’ve been getting so many international members, but I’ve been using Babelfish a lot lately! Especially when other members who are Japanese send messages. Luckily, there are a lot of English sites out there that provide translations and forums to help us non-Japanese out. One of them is a community on livejournal. They provide a pretty good FAQ that gives some tips on using the site and what not to do.

Basically what I do with whatever extra time I’ve had lately is surf around Poupée, commenting on people’s items, collecting ribbons and shells, going to the market and buying virtual outfits for my virtual doll…she gets to wear clothes that I’d never wear in real life!

So…if you’d like to join, just post a comment here (make sure you enter your email) and I’ll send you an invite. You could join on your own, but if I invite you, you get a free article of clothing (I have no idea what it is this month) when you accept my invitation. It’s not a real article of clothing - it’s just virtual. *wink*

Chances are, I may post some more of my virtual outfits, just because some of the stuff is so damn cute…I think. As I said, I have no idea what’s fashionable, but I like to pretend!

I’m a PC

I admit, I started out as a Mac user in college - the Photoshop software (like, 2.7 or something like that) and scanner were only hooked up to a Mac. But later, PC’s were just easier to use, and I’ve been using them ever since. Nothing against Macs. I’m just resistant to change.
The Mac commercials that have been on the air in the last year or so bother me. I know that Justin Long is being presented as a cool guy who kind of feels sorry for the bumbling PC guy, and the commercials aren’t supposed to come across as mean spirited, but to me, they kind of do. Which makes me, a PC user, want to kick Justin Long in the face, even if I DID like his character in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Apple was talking down to “us”.
So when I heard that Microsoft was going to run some ads to improve their image, I was excited. “Yeah, let’s make PC’s cool again!” I thought. But then they brought in Jerry Seinfeld…who I loved - in 1998. The commercials came off as a little weird and uncomfortable. Is this what Gates is doing with his billions and his time?
Today, though, I saw one of the ads that they’re using for “Phase 2″ of their re-imaging, and I think it’s definitely the right direction:

Ahh yes! Anyone can be a PC user! We’re normal people - teachers, writers, scuba divers, French basketball players, astronauts. We’re all over the place!
I like it.
I’m a PC.
…and if you’re wondering why there’s periods separating my paragraphs, for some reason my photo album plugin that I use for my Alaska pictures are messing up the formatting, so the period is a workaround. :-P

Free Shipping for Clinique Today!

Free shipping on anything you buy on today. Free shipping means no sales tax (i think) and you’re saving gas because you’re not going to the mall to buy!

TODAY ONLY – Monday, May 19th
Enjoy FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any purchase*
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Remember, my birthday is next week *nudge*

I Need Your Money!!!

….well, your donation is more like it.

On Mother’s Day, May 11th, Dave and I (with Ben in his shiny new wagon) will be participating in memory of my mother, Cris Feliciano, in Y-ME’s Race to Empower. As most of you know, my mother passed away almost 5 years ago from breast cancer (actually, it was due to a whole bunch of complications after that, but the cancer is pretty much what started it). It was a long, hard journey for not only my mother, but our whole family. Luckily, we had such a wonderful network of family and friends to support us. Not everyone has that, which is one of the reasons why Y-ME exists.

Y-ME is here today for those who can’t wait for tomorrow’s cure, and we know the need for emotional support and information doesn’t stop when the workday ends. That’s why Y-ME has the country’s only free-of-charge, 24-hour Hotline staffed by trained peer counselors who are breast cancer survivors, with interpreters in 150 languages. Your donation to the Walk fuels the Hotline and Y-ME’s other vital programs.

This year, 180,000 Americans are estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Through the support of financial contributions from donors like you and me, Y-ME can continue offering its services free-of charge programs and services to breast cancer patients, caregivers and loved ones.

We are committed, like Y-ME, to ensuring that no one faces breast cancer alone. You can support one of us or both of us by clicking on our links at the bottom of the email. If you’re interested in taking part, come and join our team - Team Suso Barkada (loosely translated to “The Boob Friends” - yes, it’s a horrible name, but I’m at a loss for something more clever). It’ll be a lot of fun to walk together - or if you can’t be there, you can join in virtually.

Click here to sponsor me
Click here to sponsor Dave
Click here to join the Suso Barkada

Our goal is to raise $400 together to help Y-ME continue providing its indispensable programs and services to anyone touched by breast cancer. Any amount you can spare - a dollar, five dollars, five hundred dollars (hee hee) is appreciated. Your help truly makes a difference in the lives of those touched by breast cancer, and we are grateful for your support.

For All You New Yawkers: Honor

Because I love going to shows, and I’m a big supporter of my best friend, and the one question that college friends always ask me is “How is Jaygee doing?”, I’d like to share with you the show she’s been doing, and if you’re in New York, check it out!

Hi Friends!

I’m performing in a fantastic show with The Prospect Theater Company. It’s called HONOR, and it’s a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” The beautiful music in this show was composed by Pete Mills, who recently won the Fred Ebb award, for excellence in musical theatre songwriting. There’s also a ton of martial arts swordplay. Hope you can make it!


Prospect Theater Company presents

lyrics by Peter Mills, book & music by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel
directed by Cara Reichel

Tickets $20 / $16 students with ID
212-352-3101 /
April 19 - May 18, 2008 at the Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 West 26th St.


As You Like It is transplanted to feudal Japan in this passionate tale of romance and the redemption of family honor,
told through action-packed choreography, elegant lyrics, and an intricate score. In the tradition of Illyria, Prospect’s resident writers once again
forge an accessible Shakespearean adventure for modern-day audiences.

Check it out!

I Feel Pretty, and Smell Pretty, Too

Have you ever seen that commercial with the mom who doesn’t have the time to pay attention to her appearance? All of the sudden, she buys Suave (or something like that) and she’s revived, the goddess that she used to be before beauty (and probably general hygiene) had taken a lower priority in life.

I admit I’ve felt like that for a while. Keeping track of Ben, working long hours and just trying to exist have really taken a toll on my beauty regimen. There was a time, not too long ago, where I wouldn’t be caught outside the house without some lipgloss and eye liner. Now I’m going everywhere with my face unwashed and looking like death. I’ve seen enough Today show and InStyle segments and articles stating that moms should take some time off for themselves, and I haven’t really done that…til last week.

I used to have a makeup addiction, even during this black hole time of non-beauty I’d still buy some lipgloss if it caught my fancy. I love lipglosses, lipsticks and nail polish. It’s been a while since I’ve used any of the things I’ve bought. Any of you seasoned YWIM readers may recall the days when I used to regularly update the webcam on the sidebar and post pictures of myself. But as of late (A.B. - After Ben, as I call it) I can’t recall when the last good picture was taken of me. A picture where I actually look presentable and I would actually post it on the internet.

So the other day, I decided to treat myself and do a bit of shopping at the local beauty store. I bought some makeup, and even some perfume - Vera Wang’s Princess. I chose that one because I went to a stripclub with some coworkers (back in the days when I actually HAD coworkers I went out with) and the stripper I was tipping smelled really good. We had a conversation about her perfume and she mentioned she was wearing Princess. Really sweet and nice gal. So when I was at the store, I tried it out on myself (because you know, scents smell different on everyone) and although I didn’t smell as good as the stripper (is that a good thing?) I did like the scent.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, I decided I needed a hair cut. It had been more than six months since I’ve gotten a haircut (it could even be a year) and the last time my hair was cut I had gone to the woman who does Dave’s hair since I no longer work downtown (sorry Jack, I still love you). I didn’t like the cut at all, and her style of cutting hair (using a razor to create texture) is not something I liked. But now I’ve got this grown out shag of hair, and the only way I can make it look presentable is to curl the hell out of it (but which looks really good, though it takes a LOT of time to do).

I did some searching on the internets for a local shop with good ratings, and they fortunately had an opening. I headed out, asked for about 2 inches off and *gasp* bangs. Wasn’t sure if bangs were a right choice, but it’s just hair, right? It grows back. Luckily the guy who was doing my hair told me I had a cowlick on the side of my head and that I should get my bangs cut at the opposite side. You can’t really tell I have any bangs since I asked for long, sideswept bangs, but I think they still look nice.

So here’s the most current picture of me - in black and white since a) it looks nicer and b) there was a yellow cast on the original that I just can’t get rid off and I would rather not look like I have jaundice.

Muffins Are On Today’s “Yum” List

Hmm…Muffins!, originally uploaded by Yano.

It’s been a challenge lately to get Ben to eat. He had croup a couple weeks ago, and he’s still got a pretty bad cough. Even before he was sick, he was a very picky eater. One day he’d like chicken nuggets, the next day he hated them. deceptivelydelicious.jpg One day he loves apples, the next they’re being thrown across the room. I’ve finally opened my Deceptively Delicious that I got for Christmas and this weekend will try some recipes. If you haven’t heard of the book yet, it basically shows you how to hide vegetables in “regular”, tasty food. I’ll let you know how the recipes go, but the dishes seem pretty tasty. Friday I’ll try out the spinach/carrot brownies!

I’m paranoid that even though he’s been having his daily gummy vitamin, he isn’t getting enough nourishment. Sometimes I feel like a baby skeleton is walking around my house. Fine, not that bad, but he’s almost 2 years old and he still needs to hit the 24lb mark. The doctor has said it’s nothing to be alarmed about, that even though he’s in the 15% percentile it’s still in the OK range. But as a mom, I can’t help but worry. I’ve broke a little and bought some cookies and ice cream, just to get some food in him (and I admit, I like it too!) but hopefully he gets some of what little appetite he had back.

Swiffer’s Holiday Home Tour Sweepstakes

Swiffer’s going to have a cool holiday contest, where you can win $3,500, a Swiffer WetJet or a year’s supply of Swiffer products. I just bought a Swiffer wetjet last week before the Thanksgiving party, and let me tell you, it was so much easier to use than a mop to clean the floors! I didn’t have to deal with a dripping mop and bucket with water sloshing around everywhere. The wetjet has this button that you press and it shoots out cleaning liquid and you just mop right over it. Even if I was the mop and pail type, (like Dave is), the wetjet is great for little cleanups - like under Ben’s highchair where you can find a whole assortment of pureed fruits and vegetables that have been spit onto the floor.

Anyway, all you have to do for the Holiday Home Tour Sweepstakes is enter. However, you can also send in photos of your decorated home and win a prize for having a swanky looking holiday home. I haven’t put up my holiday decorations yet, but we’ll see if I deem my holiday house good enough to enter. Here’s the details:

There is nothing that interrupts dinner or a holiday gathering quite like the sound and hassle of a vacuum. Therefore, Flicking away carpet messes means that there is no need for a heavy vacuum, long cords, or a hassle.

In lieu of the holiday season, Swiffer is conducting a pre-holiday national sweepstakes featuring the CarpetFlick as the MUST-HAVE cleaning tool for the holidays.

Heres how it works:

Consumers will be able to visit the Swiffer Holiday Home Tour Sweepstakes beginning November 15 through December 30 and submit photos of their interior holiday decorated home. During this time, one photo will be chosen each week and posted as favorite home of the week

In addition, participants will be chosen via random sweepstakes selections and will win the following:

1. Grand Prize Winner: $3,500 toward a home makeover
2. 25 First Prize Winners: A Swiffer WetJet
3. 6 Weekly Winners: A years supply of Swiffer Products

I have not yet tried the Swiffer carpet flick, but it sounds like a pretty useful tool, considering how much I hate lugging our huge vacuum cleaner around. Ben’s going to be in that Cheerio stage so I’m sure I’ll be cleaning them off the floor!

So if you’re interested in winning some money, or just want to show off your decorating skills, make sure to enter the contest!