Summer Blog Cleaning

Aside from the new/old default “Kiani” page layout, I’ve cleaned out the other layouts that were broken. Also, I’ve fixed up the ones that didn’t work that well. There are new ones in the horizon…

…and like a good girl, I made sure to make a back up of my database files. Go me!

Mini Post Mania

I’d like to take a second to talk about all my mini posts that have been popping up. The lovely Mizz Denizzy brought up that the mini posts are a bit difficult to read, and I just wanted to let you all in on the process behind those posts.

I’ve been using two programs/social networking sites lately (frankly, I’m not sure what they actually are). One is twitter. Essentially, it’s just a box that you can enter what you’re doing or thinking, and you can see what your “friends” or people you are following are up to as well. It’s a lot faster than taking the time to write up a post with a subject - but the drawback is you only have 140 characters to work with. Most of the time, though, that’s all I need. Before twitter, there’d be so many times during the day that I’d think to myself, “This would make an awesome post!” but never have the time to write about it. But with twitter i just have to open my app on my taskbar (I use twhirl to make quick updates in twitter) and type in whatever I want. Even better, if I’m out of the house, I can text message my thoughts to twitter to update my page. There’s also a function where you can reply to other people’s twits (tweets?) by putting an “@” in front of their user name. Twitter has gotten really popular - Barack Obama actually has a twitter site that has updates as to what he’s up to.

The other site is Plurk, which I’ve only been active in since last week (my internet crack dealer Walter sent this one over to me). Plurk is similar to Twitter, but the interface is different, as well as the whole feel of the community. Twitter is more based on the person - “Let me tell you what I’m doing”. Plurk is more of an interactive place - where it’s a lot easier to reply to people’s “plurks” and have discussions. Think of it as a discussion group for people with ADD. It’s a lot more social, and a lot more fun than twitter. The only downside (to me, anyway) is that there’s this reward system called “karma” that gives you points based on certain things (or takes them away). Some people on the site are karma crazy and that’s all they talk about. Me? I really don’t pay attention to it. Oh, and if you’d like to join, enter a comment and I’ll send you an invite - I get karma points for inviting friends. Not that I care about karma points. :-P

So ANYWAY…I’m rambling.

I didn’t like having a separate Plurk area and a separate Twitter, so I used a function to import my Plurks into twitter. Everything is in one place. It gets a little weird, though, because plurks are usually in the third person, so they look odd in twitter.

Also, I want to keep some record of my twits on my blog, so items that are in twitter are posted to my blog. Usually this happens mid-day, which I hate, but that would account to the one day delay you see in some mini posts. I’d been kicking myself for not keeping track of Ben’s milestones, and having my twitters in my blog is a great way to remember these times. It fits the way my brain moves a thousand miles a second.

Any time you’re reading the mini posts and you see a line that starts with a colon (”:”) that means it was a post in my Plurk account. Any time you see an at sign (”@”) in a line, that means that I’m replying to someone else’s twitter, which, unfortunately for you, you can’t see. So they’ll probably make no sense to you.

So, I hope that helps. It bugs me that my blog is littered with my mini-blogs, but time is a luxury I no longer have. I’m also going to be changing this layout within the week because the current default layout has some crappy coding.

Man, I ramble a lot at 5am.

Here’s a pic of Ben!

I Know the Mini-Posts are Probably Annoying…

…but really, I just don’t have time to really compose blog posts anymore. Either that, or nothing really happens in my life that is big post worthy.

I kinda like having the little posts - it helps me keep track of what I’m doing, and even better - what Ben is doing. I wish I had kept track more of little milestones in Ben’s life, but life just goes too fast. But with twitter, I can post whenever I feel like it, without having to take the time to create a new post.

I know some people had mentioned that they were having problems reading my daily posts - is that still happening for anyone?

Felt Like a Little Change

Those of you using the default theme for this site will notice a little change. I’ve been working on something else, but I was thinking that now is a good time for a little change of pace, even if it means reverting to an old, but beloved, theme. You can always go back to the old theme in the sidebar…

As always, thank you all for your birthday greetings - I’m always in awe of how much people care to say “Happy Birthday”. I’m going to try and be better this year and return the favor to all of you! So thank you for your comments, text messages, phone calls, emails, and facebook posts. I feel loved!

Quick Question

When you comment on this site, is your information saved the next time you comment? I’m not getting that when I comment on my own posts and I’m wondering if it’s happening to you, too…

You Have Fallen for my Evil Plan!

Muhahaha! It was my plan all along to bring you lurkers out of hiding! Fools!!! :-P

Seriously, though, I had no idea I had so many readers. I was thinking that since I had started neglecting this blog last year that my readers had left, sighing to themselves, “Damn, that used to be a really good blog. Now it’s crap!” I was thinking that I just had my 4 or 5 regular readers left - not counting 3D friends and family spying on what I’m doing. But lo and behold, there is life out there! The numbers in my web stats aren’t just guys looking for p*rn and hot asian lovin’.

I want to thank you all for reading, and for all your kind words in the previous post. Last year was a real challenge for me (as I will get into more in an upcoming post - don’t worry, that password will be coming soon!) and although this blog had always been a refuge for me, it had been something I just didn’t have time for and felt guilty for neglecting. This year I’ve felt a new surge of inspiration, life is now a breath of fresh air, a new start. There’s a lot of changes I want to make here, starting with posting more and using this blog as a way to once again sort out the thoughts that rattle around in my head.

Next time I need a blog-ego boost, I’ll threaten to hide posts from you all! :-P

Thanks again for reading, everyone, I really appreciate it and am humbled that you find me interesting.

Quickies are Gone, Passwords will be On

Decided to get rid of the “Quickies” post…I feel like it was like cheating to get posts in my wasteland of a blog. Some of you couldn’t see them anyway! (Sorry N1N0!) You can still see them on the sidebar, or follow me on Twitter

I’ve also decided to turn on Password protection, at least on some of my posts. I’ve always hated the idea of password protecting my blog, because why put it up on the internet if it’s not something you want everyone to see? In the past, my thoughts had never been something I needed to protect. But hearing stories of people getting in trouble for their posts, personally and professionally, I’ve decided that, at least for a small number of “I really need to get this off my chest” posts, that I would put a password on. Hell, most of you regular readers can read between the lines anyway and know what I’m going to post about, but I just need to rant a little bit, and who better to complain to than my beloved readers.

So……if you’d like to be sent the password to any upcoming posts, just post a comment here. I don’t know how many of you are left since I had abandoned regularly updating my blog a year ago. I’ll also send the password to my “regulars”, once I compile all the names.

For those of you that don’t get the password, no worries, I’ll still be posting and posting up trouble-free versions of my protected posts…


I’ve been using Twitter for the last month or so, and it’s an easy to way provide updates on what I’m doing. Kind of like mini-blogging. It’s pretty cool and it’s something I can do from my computer or cell phone. A lot of times during the day I come up with interesting blog topics or moments that I think, “I gotta blog about this!” but when I get home and sit down to type, I have nothing to say. This should help out my horrible memory!

Another cool function is that I can incorporate my twitters onto my wordpress blog (see the toolbar on the left on the default theme) and every day, a new post is created with the day’s twitters.

Cool stuff. We’ll see how long until I get bored of it!

Moving Day

Finally moving to WordPress. I’ve been working on this for a LONNNNNNG time but have been too busy to make the switch over. There’s still a lot of formatting kinks I need to work out, and the links for the other areas of my blog are still based on the other themes, but I wanted to get this out of the way before I go on vacation (and since my database was corrupt). Movable Type, we had a great run and I still love you, but my version was several years old (too cheap to pay for the new version) and WordPress just seems more Yano-Friendly.

Of course, the move over has not been painless - I had to export all my old entries and import them into Wordpress, which was a pretty long and exhausting process, since my webserver (or WP, but I’m thinking it’s server related) would not allow certain phrases to be imported. Trouble is, I didn’t know WHAT those phrases were. So I had to import into chunks and figure out which phrases were causing my import to error. Here’s the phrases that were giving me errors:

  • Shell - Shelly, an old poster (Pridey, are you still there?) had commented often back in the day. I had to go through and change her comments to “She11y”. I’m assuming this was restricted because “shell” is used in programming
  • cgi-bin - Yeah, another programming word. This was used in several links that were posted (or commented)
  • - WTF? I have no idea why this was restricted. But that’s what it was!

For anyone searching for this (because I don’t think I found any help on it…Redpac helped me figure it out), the error I got had to do with not having permission to access admin.php.

So here I am, moved to WP with still a buttload of work to do.

A couple new/improved/soon-to-be-improved things to look out for:

  • We’ve got themes on the right sidebar, though not all of them are completely formatted. This (Transit or YWIM Default) should be good to go for the most part as is “Very Plain Text”. “Nebula” should be ok, but not great.
  • There are top commenters listed on the sidebar. Not many comment anymore, but I kinda liked the idea. We’ll see if it lasts.
  • Comments can now be “threaded” or “nested”. What does that mean? It means that you (or I) can reply to other people’s comments. I like it, it’s pretty cool.
  • You can now see what category the post is grouped under within the post. I’ll be revamping my categories sometime this century, and it will help out when looking through the archives.

Uh, I guess that’s it. This is all kinda in Beta version, so if you see anything weird or something’s not working for you, please comment and let me know!


Another Change

I changed the default layout to “Fishing” for now. I’m working on some BIG (yet, not really that big) changes for the blog…