I’m Baaaaaaack!

I have no idea if anyone is even out there anymore, but this blog has been down for the last couple months. Looks like my Wordpress table wp_options was corrupted. So whenever I came to this page, I got the error “It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet”. I looked at my database and it showed that the wp_options table was “in use”. After searching all over to fix it, looks like all I had to do was run a script on my DB to repair that table. So now all is good with yanowhatimean?

…now all I have to do is start updating this page again!

Who Are You and Where Do You Come From?

So, now that I’m somewhat back into the world of blogging, I’d like to ask my readers a question - Who are you, and where do you come from?

The reason I ask, is that during my blog updating absence, I still got email notifications of comments on my old posts. Something that I’d noticed is that the people who posted had names like “used tires”, “komodo dragon”, “laptop briefcases” and “p90x”. Five years ago I would have said that these are just spam bots trying to get their names out there so they’re more searchable. But for the most part, your comments make sense and have to do with the actual post. So are you human spam bots? Do you spend your time going to blogs and posting?

Tell me a bit about yourself…Just curious…I appreciate the comments! (though I apologize, eventually I’ll be deleting the ones that aren’t in English.)

Dude, Where’s My Blog?

Wow, it’s been more than 2 months since I’ve posted on this thing!!! The only comments I get now are spam (though it’s really insightful spam comments, which I appreciate, rather than your average p0rrn spam comments). Life has been TOTALLY hectic and I’ve seriously been unmotivated to do anything outside of working, chasing around Ben, eating and sleeping.

But I want to change! Llet’s get this baby up and running again!

There’s a lot of things going on, first and foremost - the Olympics! As well as moving to a new place, which is even further from the city - seriously, they have cows here. Also, Ben is in school, and liking it. Aaaaand other fun surprises…

We’ll see what happens…I’ll start by liveblogging the Opening Ceremonies tonight, and posting up the pictures that I’ve taken in the last few months of my blog-exile. And of course, you can always see what I’m currently up to with my twitter feed above.

See you soon!

Skin Update

With my re-emergence into the blog-o-sphere, I thought it would be appropriate to change up my layout. I haven’t had time lately, so I thought I’d go back to an oldie but goodie, “Fishing” with a graphic from the awesome Marcos Chin.

10 Things on My “To Do” List

Finally updated my page layout…I’m getting better and better at vectoring (yes, I did all the grass in the header) and it’s getting to be a lot of fun, though pretty time consuming! Anyway, go ahead and use the navigation bar to change it to the new layout (go to the YWIM default or “Spring” if you want to see it).

Also, here’s my 10 on Tuesday for this week:

I’ve got a million and one “projects” that I have started and haven’t finished, or that I haven’t started at all…here’s a couple of them…

1. Scanning our wedding photos - from 6 years ago
2. Putting together a baby album for Ben - who’s turning 3
3. Organizing all my mp3’s
4. Working on my digital painting skillz
5. Getting together some photography samples for business cards
6. Finishing up my family tree
7. Burn old VCR tapes to DVD
8. Make green tea cupcakes with green tea cream cheese frosting
9. Get new glasses
10. Exercise

Still Here

Things have been a bit hectic since we got back from our Disney vacation, and I’ll get into all that eventually. Just wanted you all to know I’m still here, and I’ve got a lot of posts rattling through my head for this blog.

In the meantime, it’s that time of the year again - Redpac is heading out on his yearly Mardi Gras trip. He’s got his “What time is someone going to puke” contest going on, so make sure to submit a guess so you can get a cool prize.

Redpac’s Mardi Gras Contest

Winter Layout

Since Christmas is in several days, I decided to skip my usual Rudolph layout and do a more generic winter layout. That, and I’m not sure where my Rudolph files are!

Hope you all are done with your Christmas shopping! I have a couple more things to find, but for the first time in a LONG time, I’ve got all my Christmas cards sent out! Yay me!

If I don’t get to “see” you before then, have a great Christmas!

Testing 1,2,3

Just testing out some stuff, so things may look a little off for a couple days or so!

If You Haven’t Noticed Yet…

I changed the theme to my site…though when I uploaded it last week I had forgotten to make it the default theme.

Anyway, work has been kicking my butt, the house is still up for sale, Dave has been studying for his boards so I’m pretty much a single parent, and Ben LOVES watching me play Wii, but I can’t do anything productive on it because he can’t watch me play one particular game for more than 5 minutes.

That’s my update for the week. :-D

Font Conference

Got this video from April…I admit that I’m a bit of a font whore - there was a time when I could look at a font and name it. I think that anyone who has an appreciation for fonts will like this - if fonts were people, and they had conferences, would would it be like? I enjoyed seeing one of my favorite fonts - Century Gothic, make an appearance. Wing Dings even comes in near the end…

Speaking of fonts - I’ve changed my layout - click on the sidebar to see the default or “peaceful” layout. Slowly, very slowly, I am revamping this site!