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Remember, my birthday is next week *nudge*

I Need Your Money!!!

….well, your donation is more like it.

On Mother’s Day, May 11th, Dave and I (with Ben in his shiny new wagon) will be participating in memory of my mother, Cris Feliciano, in Y-ME’s Race to Empower. As most of you know, my mother passed away almost 5 years ago from breast cancer (actually, it was due to a whole bunch of complications after that, but the cancer is pretty much what started it). It was a long, hard journey for not only my mother, but our whole family. Luckily, we had such a wonderful network of family and friends to support us. Not everyone has that, which is one of the reasons why Y-ME exists.

Y-ME is here today for those who can’t wait for tomorrow’s cure, and we know the need for emotional support and information doesn’t stop when the workday ends. That’s why Y-ME has the country’s only free-of-charge, 24-hour Hotline staffed by trained peer counselors who are breast cancer survivors, with interpreters in 150 languages. Your donation to the Walk fuels the Hotline and Y-ME’s other vital programs.

This year, 180,000 Americans are estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. Through the support of financial contributions from donors like you and me, Y-ME can continue offering its services free-of charge programs and services to breast cancer patients, caregivers and loved ones.

We are committed, like Y-ME, to ensuring that no one faces breast cancer alone. You can support one of us or both of us by clicking on our links at the bottom of the email. If you’re interested in taking part, come and join our team - Team Suso Barkada (loosely translated to “The Boob Friends” - yes, it’s a horrible name, but I’m at a loss for something more clever). It’ll be a lot of fun to walk together - or if you can’t be there, you can join in virtually.

Click here to sponsor me
Click here to sponsor Dave
Click here to join the Suso Barkada

Our goal is to raise $400 together to help Y-ME continue providing its indispensable programs and services to anyone touched by breast cancer. Any amount you can spare - a dollar, five dollars, five hundred dollars (hee hee) is appreciated. Your help truly makes a difference in the lives of those touched by breast cancer, and we are grateful for your support.

Goodbye, Car Kabob

Berwyn Car Spindle

Yesterday, after a lot of news coverage, petitions, and people reminiscing about “Wayne’s World”, the Spindle is a sculpture in the Cermak Plaza in Berwyn was taken down. Why? To make room for a Walgreens, which there are 10,000 of in Chicago. I’ve never beet there, but I’ve seen it on TV and in pictures, and to me, it’s a landmark in Chicago. But I guess the petitions weren’t enough, and it was taken down.

So here’s my little tribute to the Spindle:

For All You New Yawkers: Honor

Because I love going to shows, and I’m a big supporter of my best friend, and the one question that college friends always ask me is “How is Jaygee doing?”, I’d like to share with you the show she’s been doing, and if you’re in New York, check it out!

Hi Friends!

I’m performing in a fantastic show with The Prospect Theater Company. It’s called HONOR, and it’s a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” The beautiful music in this show was composed by Pete Mills, who recently won the Fred Ebb award, for excellence in musical theatre songwriting. There’s also a ton of martial arts swordplay. Hope you can make it!


Prospect Theater Company presents

lyrics by Peter Mills, book & music by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel
directed by Cara Reichel

Tickets $20 / $16 students with ID
212-352-3101 /
April 19 - May 18, 2008 at the Hudson Guild Theatre, 441 West 26th St.


As You Like It is transplanted to feudal Japan in this passionate tale of romance and the redemption of family honor,
told through action-packed choreography, elegant lyrics, and an intricate score. In the tradition of Illyria, Prospect’s resident writers once again
forge an accessible Shakespearean adventure for modern-day audiences.

Check it out!

The End of the World is Coming!

You know, I’ve always been worried about a “The Day After Tomorrow” type of disastrous event coming down on us - Global Warming biting us in the ass in the form of a super snowstorm that freezes the whole northern part of the planet. I always thought that living in the Midwest wasn’t too bad - all we really have to worry about are tornadoes and the occasional flooding in the basement.

…until last week.

That’s when a cougar was shot in Chicago. Not a suburb of Chicago - in the city, the very middle of the city. For the last couple months, there have been reports of people who had thought they had seen a cougar or large feline prowling about. Turns out that in the months before that, people in Wisconsin were reporting the very same thing. I’m sure if we made a map “Law & Order”-style, we’d see a trail of little red marks showing the path of the cougar based on people’s reports. But yes, the cops cornered a cougar in an alley of a residential neighborhood and took the cat down in a shower of bullets. I feel a bit bad for the poor lost kitty, but I’ve read that even in California they’re hesitant to try capturing wayward cougars because they can be pretty unpredictable and hard to tranquilize.

So yeah….a COUGAR. The only wildlife I’ve ever been scared of in these parts are raccoons, because they have rabies. When I lived in California, we visited some friends out in La Brea who had said that they’d seen a coyote, and had heard stories of cougars. But that’s Los Angeles - they have mountains there. A cougar is a mountain lion. We have no mountains here! We are plains people!


You know what’s even crazier?

We had an earthquake on Friday. Well, not Chicago, but the epicenter was 200 miles away, close enough for people in Chicago to feel it. Ironically, although for the 2 nights before it I’d been awake at 4am (check my twitters), Friday morning I was sound asleep in bed, oblivious to any rocking or shaking. I was pretty disappointed that I had missed it, because the only other time I had experienced an earthquake was when I was in California (though I recall feeling one when I was a kid, but I think I imagined it). It was a pretty hefty earthquake, measuring a 5.2. Fortunately, although some people were shaken up (hardee har har), no one was injured.

I was working on Friday, thinking how I had missed it, when I felt the familiar rolling and swaying. By then, though I had thought it was wishful thinking. Since I live on a busy street, the house often shakes when trucks pass by. I had thought that I was just imagining the earthquake, and that it was just a truck driving by. I later checked the news and read that what I had felt was actually an aftershock.

What’s going on with Chicago? I feel like I’m in LA again! What’s next - mudslides, brush fires and an increased number of boob jobs?

C’Mon, Having a Curse isn’t THAT Bad…

Turns out a Red Sox fan buried a David Ortiz jersey in the concrete of the new Yankee stadium:

Buried Red Sox JerseyA construction worker’s bid to curse the New York Yankees by planting a Boston Red Sox jersey in their new stadium was foiled when the home team removed the offending shirt from its burial spot.

After locating the shirt in a service corridor behind what will be a restaurant in the new Yankee Stadium, construction workers jackhammered through the concrete Sunday and pulled it out.

A spokesman for Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said Sunday he did not know whether any criminal charges might apply.

“It’s typical Yankees,” Castignoli told the Boston Herald on Monday. “It’s not like I snuck in there. It didn’t do any structural damage. I didn’t put anyone in harm’s way.”

Read it all here!

I find it funny that the Yankees really made that effort to pull it out, and that the guy did it in the first place. Having a curse on you isn’t that bad…we’re on our 100th year without a World Series win and the Cubs are as popular as ever. In the words of Mark DeRosa - every game is a home game! Hmm, but having that World Series win WOULD be nice…

Feeding the World While Feeding Your Brain

Found a pretty fun website that is also for a good cause. You see a word, guess what the word means, and if you’re right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program. So I can boost my ego by showing off how verbose I am AND feed the poor. Call me the next Mother Theresa!

Click on the link to play….for something so simple, it’s pretty addicting!

Free Rice Logo

Redpac’s Mardi Gras Contest

Yes…it’s that time of the year again. This year, Redpac is bringing more people with him (bumblebootie and both my sisters, for example) so it’ll add a little more difficulty to his annual - “When will someone puke for the first time at Mardi Gras?” contest. Will it be the newbies? The hardened veterans?

This year’s prize pack seems pretty awesome, so get on over there and submit your time!

Redpac’s 4th Annual Mardi Gras Contest

Which Way Does She Go?

I’ve seen this several times on the internet already, and it’s pretty cool.

Dancer Illusion


The Right Brain vs Left Brain test … do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies
uses feeling
“big picture” oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

Click for article

For about 15 minutes or so, I thought to myself, “There is NO way she could be turning counter-clockwise!” But then I went and looked at other people’s hints, and the one that helped me was looking at her thigh (the one she’s pivoting on) and concentrating on it. Once I got her to turn the other way, then looking from the bottom left to right and vice versa (depending on which way I want her to turn) made it a lot easier to switch her.

Poor Little Cubbies

Not our Chicago cubbies, but our little Amur tiger cubs at the Brookfield Zoo:

Tiger cubs recovering after attack by parents
Chicago Tribute
11:46 AM CDT, October 1, 2007

Two tiger cubs injured Sunday, apparently by their parents, are recuperating after surgery, Brookfield Zoo officials said this morning.

One cub had its right front leg amputated and its tail repaired during a two-hour surgery. The other was in surgery for an hour to repair its tail.

“Both cubs are alert, navigating well and displaying typical tiger behavior … all good signs at this stage in their recovery,” zoo officials said in a statement.

Full Article

Turns out, the cubs were in their enclosure with their mom, Tiara, who have been off-exhibit since their birth in May. Their enclosure is next to their father, Robecki. The male cub was sticking his paw through a small opening between the two pens and his father did some pretty bad damage to it. The damage to the cubs tails was the mother trying to pull the two cubs away from the opening to protect them.

Who would have thought that the cute tiger in the picture below could attack his own kin?

More news here.

Poor little cubbies.