2014 Academy Awards Play by Play

I’m baaaaaack! I know that’s the name of my previous post, but we’ll see if I stay back this time. And what better way to be back than to have you watch me watch the Academy awards? I’ve got 3 kids now so it’s not going to be a total play by play, and I’ll probably miss a lot, but I’m going to try and watch as much as I can!

Before it starts, I’ll put in my predictions:
Best Picture: Gravity
Best Director: Alfonso CuarĂ³n
Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Best Actress: Cate Blanchett
Best Supp. Actor: Jared Leto
Best Supp. Actress: Lupita Nyong’o


  • OMG, Jamie Foxx’s daughter is so pretty! Luckily she didn’t get her looks from dad (I always see Shanaynay)
  • I want Lupita’s earrings!

    7:30 - …and we’re on! Look’s like J-Law has front row seats! Can’t wait to see what Ellen has in store. I really love her, but I like my hosts to have a little bit of bite.

  • Liza Minelli, what happened to you? She just looks….weird.
  • Yes, Jared is the prettiest of us all…
  • Wow, loved Jared’s speech about his mom. And I was wrong previously - SHE is the prettiest of us all!
  • “Happy” was a lot of fun. Loved the audience participation. I want the Mounty Hat Smilie to have babies with Miley’s Space Cat.
  • There was only one major award given out in the first hour. Started to get bored after a bit!
  • I missed the Darlene Love part…need to watch it on my DVR!
  • I found U2’s performance to be just OK. Though it could be because I was changing Luke’s diaper at the time.
  • Probably my favorite moment so far is Ellen’s selfie. It was so funny to see all those celebrities jumping in and piling on one another to take the picture, then fighting over who actually gets to take the pic. (and later we find out that Ellen broke twitter with all the retweets of the picture!)
  • So happy to see Lupita win. I love me some J Law, but Lupita is just so sweet and her style is so fierce. Surprised that her dress today is so flowy and princess-y. She had such a wonderful speech - starting with honoring the real Patsy and ending with reminding kids that no matter who they are, their dreams can come true.
  • The pizza bit was great, too. From Brad Pitt handing out plates, to Jared Leto giving a piece to his mom, to Harrison Ford standing up for a slice and bugging Ellen for a napkin, it was all fun.
  • I have no idea who it is John Travolta thought he was introducing, but that’s Idina Menzel singing, right? Who ever it is, she is knocking it outta the park! (of course it’s Idina!) Cecilia is LOVING this part!
  • So happy that Frozen won. Didn’t realize that this win gives Bobby Lopez (who is part Filipino *woot*) the EGOT, which is Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Random trivia - he got his Emmy for the music he made for the Wonder Pets.
  • Is Daniel Day Lewis a skinny giant? Never realized he was a bean pole. Maybe he’s still playing Lincoln? Anyway, poor Amy Adams has to wait again to win the Oscar because it goes to Cate Blanchett, who makes the longest Oscar speech ever…until…
  • Matthew McConaughey wins and gives a speech that only Matthew McConaughy can. He talked about God, his father, loving his family (love the way he looks at his wife!) and who his hero is - 10 years from now Matthew. It was a long speech that didn’t seem too long, but it could be because I was waiting for one thing - Alright alright alright!
  • This night is going on FOOOOREVER!
  • I don’t know if Will Smith’s star stock is high enough anymore to be the one to present the last award of the night. Couldn’t they find anyone else? Madonna? Oprah? Sage Kotsenburg?
  • Even though I predicted Gravity to win it all, I’m so happy that 12 Years a Slave won. It’s a story that needed to be told, and although I haven’t seen the movie (yet) I can tell by word of mouth that it’s a great movie.

    All in all, I think it was a pretty good show. A bit slow here and there, but Ellen had a couple tricks up her sleeve to make sure this was a memorable year. See y’all next year!

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